Spiritual Transformation

10 Signs You’re Going Through A Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation

Do you feel as if your life is changing somehow?

Something just doesn’t feel right. You may feel scared and overwhelmed, but these feelings could indicate a spiritual transformation, an awakening like you’ve never experienced. Request a free birth chart and try to savor this exciting time of self-discovery.

Some signs of an oncoming spiritual transformation involve feeling like:

1. Your Life Is Crumbling

You feel as if you’re having some unfortunate luck. Why is this happening? It’s a challenging time, but the good news is that you’re probably experiencing a spiritual awakening.

After all, to remodel something, you sometimes need to tear down parts. Then, you build them up better than ever — these changes are essential to growing as a person. Seemingly horrible luck can be the universe’s way of beginning the process for you.

2. You’ve Lost Interest

You’re no longer enjoying things you once found intriguing. You could be entering a new, more enlightened phase of life.

Feeling suddenly like you no longer really know yourself can make you feel lost. You’re on your way to finding new meaning, but the process can be quite disconcerting at times.

3. You Don’t “Fit In”

When you’re going through a spiritual awakening, every aspect of your life will be affected to some extent. Unfortunately, this is often the case with friendships.

You may feel like you’re disconnecting from your once-tight social circle. Going through your transformation may mean you grow apart.

4. You Want Alone Time

The very process of a spiritual transformation requires you to be insightful. Taking time to spend alone can be very beneficial in making this transition.

Spend time meditating. Take time to consider how you want your life to look. Then, create a game plan to reach specific goals.

5. You Experience a Heightened Intuition

On your spiritual journey, your intuition is an essential element. You’re learning to trust your intuition to make the best decisions for yourself.

6. Social Issues and Violence Impact You

Social issues may not have been issues for you before. However, as you’re going through a spiritual awakening, you’re discovering that the imbalance and violence in the world are pretty shocking.

7. You Need Spiritual Guidance

You’re probably finding that you have numerous questions about life’s meaning and the reason for your existence. Seeking spiritual guidance is a natural response.

Read spiritual or self-help books, meditate and meet with a spiritual teacher or medium for a psychic love reading or other advice.

8. You Enjoy Helping Others

You find more satisfaction in helping others now. You recognize that there’s more to life than your own needs and desires.

9. You Cherish Meaningful Experiences

You no longer care about having all of the material possessions you used to deem essential. Now it’s more about having meaningful life experiences.

10. Receiving Signs From the Universe

You may not realize it, but the universe is guiding you. Things that seem like coincidences are probably signals to direct you on your new life path.

It may be challenging, but undergoing a spiritual transformation can result in a beautiful future. Search for spiritual advisers and even pet psychics for your furry friends to help propel your life forward.

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