How to Throw a Killer Corporate Party

How To Throw A Killer Corporate Party

Organizing a fancy even is not an easy task, but throwing a memorable corporate party might sound like a mission impossible. Besides so many things to consider, you need everything to an even higher level in order to impress your guests, entertain all the foreign visitors, and make your employees drop jaws.

Proving to your employees and customers that you are a creative and innovative company can be done by holding a majestic party. But, you want people to bond, employees to unwind, and your potential new buyers to get stunned with your powerful energy.

How on earth can you achieve all of that? Simply, by following these steps!

1. Pick An Impactful Location

How to Throw a Killer Corporate Party

First things first, you need to select a venue that would be big enough and extravagant enough for the party you are planning to organize.

What is more, the location must be easily accessible to all the guests, because if they are having troubles finding the place or they spend hours roaming around and searching for it, the negative comment will start popping.

If the company doesn’t have the appropriate room for you to organize large festivity, throw your party at a dazzling contemporary hotel, lounge, or a fancy restaurant. Arrange transportation for your guest or suggest carpooling for your employees.


2. Boost Up The Entertainment

Everybody loves great modern music, and for a party to remember you might want to hire a fantastic live band or a popular DJ who know how to play all the songs. Music is an important factor, so if the budget is an issue, don’t dwell on hiring the professional, and rather cut costs on something else.

The same rule applies to other entertaining elements. You want your guest to be wowed and flabbergasted, hiring stilt walkers, dancers, a solo fire performer or specialty cirque performers like the Velvet Rope Entertainment has to offer, and everybody will be absolutely captivated. Take the party to a whole new level by making it fiery and mesmerizing.


3. Serve Exquisite Delights


Don’t penny pinch about food, drinks, and generally catering. Small things do matter. And even if food is not a major issue for most people, that doesn’t mean that you have to serve sandwiches. You can have caters serve refreshing finger foods for an appetizer on the go so that your guest can hit the dance floor while grabbing some snack.

Later, have an enticing dessert table with delicious macaroons, velvet cupcakes, and chocolate muffins for example. Pay attention to details when it comes to food, and have dinnerware matching your party theme.



4. Give It A Theme

Even if most people won’t admit, everybody likes a dress up or a theme party. If you lack some imaginative inventions for your party, at least make your corporate event based on a theme. Little do people know, but a theme party gives any formal event a much-needed edge and people instantaneously get motivated and anticipated to attend it.

A theme such as 80’s disco party, celebrity dress up, or Charleston decade party is a good and subtle option for the corporate event. Black and white parties are a great option as well. As long as you keep it fun and engaging, everybody will surely love it.


5. Let There Be Light


When it comes to decoration, if the venue is fabulous then there is no need to put much effort into decorative elements. However, adding a few posh lights here and there will undoubtedly give your party a more luscious boost. When the party is heating up, it would be rather cool to raise the bar with few disco string lights.

You would surely hear a lot of “ooh” and “ahh” sounds. Any form of static lighting looks boring and awful at any party. For your corporate event, you can hang loads of lush chandelier or attach patterned draperies at the windows to upscale the formality. Event crowds can be hard to impress, so you can organize a stunning light show.


6. Show Gratitude

If you are aiming to throw a sensational corporate event for your investors, guests, and your employees, you should show appreciation and make them remember the party for a long time. A superb idea would be to pack for each guest a bag of goodies. Delicious chocolate is always a winning option, refrigerator magnets or badges with a company logo is also a good idea.

You can even let the guest take some ornaments from the party to show gratitude. A thank-you speech is a very welcoming way to show appreciation as well. Make sure that you salute, shake hands and say a few thoughtful and thankful words for each as they are leaving the party. This might be a more personal way of showing gratitude, but the most impactful.

Throwing a company party can be demanding and challenging at the same time. However, if you put more effort and diligence into organizing, you would positively have a killer party.

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