6 Tips For Using Pool Stick To Go Ahead Of Your Game.

6 Tips For Using Pool Stick To Go Ahead Of Your Game

This shot should be the bingo shot! We all have this feeling when we play pool. The most important thing which we use to hit the ball is a pool stick.

This game is played by many of us in clubs. Nowadays there are many games also on the app store which people play.

Every game has some rules and way to play. All are aware of the fact of this game as it has 16 balls and one pool stick.

This article is for the people who want to master in pool game by knowing the way of using a pool stick. We have some tips as to how to hit the cue ball with the pool stick.

1. Inspecting The Pool Stick

Before using a pool sticks inspection is necessary. You should try to inspect some areas of the pool stick to get the best possible shot.

The tip of the pool stick should be better, the more it is, the better. Check that it is not worn out and should be approximately around ¼ inch of leather.

The wrap should be shaft. For that you should roll the ball on the table from one rail to the other and measure its wrap.

2. Heaviness Of The Pool Stick

The pool stick should be heavier because heavier stick helps the hand to be steady and so the stroke is controlled.

You should stay away from aluminium and composites. The standard length is 57-58 inches. The fit should be tight and fully threaded.

3. Position

You need to position your body in line with the ball. So, for that, you need to step back and visualize the angle followed by approaching the table with cue at hip level. This will so happen that cue ball will direct to object ball.

Your eyes should be on the ball and so your attention which can be by lowering your back to the table as if you are staring straight down the eye of cue ball.

4. Bridge

The bridge is another aspect. There are two types of bridge open-handed and closed- handed bridge.

The open-handed bridge is for simpler shots. These shots describe the position when the pool stick is between thumb and index finger.

The closed bridge is when cue is across those two fingers above the thumb knuckle and when your thumb touches the middle finger.

This stable and neat bridge is for accented shots. The most important point is the bridge should be 6-8 inches from the cue ball.

5. Stroke

The stroke is the hardest thing which is developed through practice.

When the pool stick is in your hands the butt of the stick is at the back for about 1-2 inches.

In this stroke only your thumb and index finger are concerned. To make a comfortable shot you can add your middle finger along with thumb and index finger.

Your body and shoulder should be still. Where back arm should be moving at the hinge of your elbow.

Pull stroke back slowly and then get it forward within an inch of the ball again and then hit.

6. Wait Until The Shot

Don’t forget. Usually you get up or raise high from the table but don’t do that as after taking the shot wait until the object ball is coming in the contact of the cue ball and then sinks in the pocket.

These are some of the tricks but one most important thing is practice as practice makes the man perfect.

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