Top 11 cryptocurrencies that you should avoid if you want to bet online

Top 11 Cryptocurrencies That You Should Avoid If You Want To Bet Online

If you want to play online casino games, you will come across numerous gambling websites. Most of them work in conjunction with several casino software suppliers, which explains why they offer thousands of games.

In addition to the games with live dealers, slots, and poker titles, some of the casinos allow their clients to use cryptocurrencies for their transactions. Sadly, not every cryptocurrency will do the job, so let’s check a few options that you should avoid using.

1. Tether

The first cryptocurrency that you probably won’t be able to use is Tether. Despite not being as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum, this payment alternative has its fans, especially among investors. Sadly, it isn’t that good when it comes down to online betting.

2. Binance Coin

This is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies globally, but sadly, most online casinos are yet to include it in their portfolio. Even though cryptocurrency is accepted in 1xslots casinos, customers won’t have the chance to make a deposit and withdraw their winnings using BNB. Instead, they need to use other digital currencies, such as Dogecoin.

3. Internet Computer

This is one of the many cryptocurrencies that is becoming more popular by the day. Despite having more than an 18 billion market cap, ICP is yet to make its mark in the online betting industry.

4. Stellar

Stellar is yet another digital form of money that you won’t be able to access if you decide to open an account on 1xslots. This cryptocurrency is designed to help the world’s financial systems, which means that it is not the go-to option for most betting websites. However, this is prone to change in the future because XLM became a lot more popular than it once was.

5. VeChain

Founded in 2015 by a group of people with a lot of experience, VeChain is slowly gaining more popularity. Similar to other cryptos, this one is based on blockchain technology. Nowadays, you won’t find it on many gambling websites, but we believe that online casinos will add it to their portfolio sooner or later.

6. Monero

If you are looking for a payment solution that will allow you to make fast and secure transfers, Monero should definitely be on your list. This is one of the cryptos that allows users to pay and get paid for different things without revealing their balance to other users. In other words, it is excellent for online betting.

Sadly, online casinos are yet to implement it into their payment sections. Until that happens, you will have to use the most popular alternatives.

7. Neo

This is one of the most intriguing cryptocurrencies on this list because it changed a lot in the last couple of months. Neo used to be a part of MainNet operation, but nowadays, it migrated to N3. The latter is considered to be the most powerful version of Neo’s blockchain.

As a result, we think this digital currency will probably become the go-to payment option for many bettors.

8. Maker

People who are looking for a stable and decentralized currency have probably heard of Maker. This is a popular payment option, but sadly, you probably won’t be able to find it once you start betting.

9. Pancake Swap

Although some people think this crypto is related to Dogecoin, it has nothing to do with it. PancakeSwap is a popular option among traders, which is why you can find it on most crypto platforms.

10. THOR Chain

This payment option became popular because it allows users to deposit native assets into the so-called “Liquidity Pools” and earn yield. Unfortunately, you won’t find it in most online casinos, which is something to keep in mind.

11. Elrond

Despite being just three years old, Elrond is quickly becoming a huge hit because it offers a lot of advantages over other cryptos. However, you won’t be able to use it for online betting just yet.

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