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How To Choose A Solid Topic For Your Next Blog Post

When running a blog, you are joining millions of writers worldwide. What you offer, though, is unique; you offer your own perspective on a topic you feel knowledgeable/passionate enough to write about.

You are in a unique position: at least someone out there will value your expert opinion on a topic. With the average blog post taking around 3 hours, 28 minutes to write, though, you need to make sure you choose your topic well.

Time is money, so can you afford to pick the wrong topic?

If not, here are some tips to help you make the right choice about your next blog topic.


1. How Well Covered Is The Blog Topic?

How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post

First off, take the time to look around the internet. What are others saying about your topic? Is it well covered already? With over 30m bloggers in the USA alone, you probably will need to find a unique angle at least.

So long as you can offer a personal and original insight, though, don’t let saturation put you off. You can write about the same topic, so long as it comes from your own perspective.

2. What Do Your Readers Want?

How To Choose A Solid Topic For Your Next Blog Post

Take a look at the analysis of your previous blog content. What pages were getting the most viewers? Who stuck around longest? Keep that in mind. This will help you to write for your audience, creating a topic that you know they are interested in. This removes much of the gamble involved in creating quality online content.

Suppose a person or organization who are facing issues with cellular network, they will always love to read about signal booster devises or companies who offers such services.


3. What Is The Biggest Problem?

Often, the best topics to address are major problems. What is the major industry problem you see people struggling with in your line of work? How can you then help them to fill in these issues – what solutions can you help them to discover?

If you keep that in mind, you’ll be much more likely to find solutions to the problems you have with writing. Your best topic, then, is the one demanding an answer!


4. Look Around For The Answer

How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog PostInstead of just thrashing out the first post that comes to mind, take the time to look for a bigger picture. For example, instead of telling someone how to solve one basic problem, show them how to solve three, even four, problems. After all, surveys have shown that results improve the longer you spend on a post.

The more depth and detail you put into finding the answer, the more users will reward you. Do that for long enough, and you will make an immediate change to the popularity of your blog posts. Is it hard to get right? Of course. Is it impossible? Not if you are determined to study the solution.

5. Ask Google Trends

How To Choose A Solid Topic For Your Next Blog Post

Lastly, turn to Google Trends. This powerful platform has become one of the best in the business for finding out how popular something is. Add in a keyword, search for it, and see how popular it is becoming. Look for something with a gradual uptick in those who are searching for it.

Do that for long enough, combined with the other ideas, and creating top quality content will become so much easier as you begin to move forward.

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