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Family-Friendly Activities In The Tri-State Area

Have your new row home in the city or maybe you’re getting settled into the suburbs of Connecticut? Possibly you’re still deciding between a few different Hoboken apartments?

Already settled into the Tri-State Area and still figuring out what type of living is best for you and yours? No matter what category you find yourself in, thankfully you’ve settled on such a great area with plenty for families to do.

Jersey Shore

Comprising many beaches, the Jersey Shore offers boundless fun and entertainment for families with kids of all ages. Be it a day or weekend trip, the beaches offer something for everyone in the family.

You might not think so, but this is something that can be enjoyed all year around. The coldest days of winter might be too much for anything outside but besides those, even late fall and early spring days offer tons of fun at the boardwalks all without the long lines and large crowds!


While, depending on where you live, this could be more effort than other options for a family day out, it could easily be the most special event your family attends all year.

It’s easy to think Broadway isn’t something for the kids, but considering all the options, that’s just not fair to say. There’s multiple ongoing shows the whole family would be enthralled with, such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child or The Lion King.

Six Flags Great Adventure

For the thrill seekers in your family, there are 13 different roller coasters to choose from, including Kingda Ka which stands as the world’s tallest roller coaster at 456 feet. Also, an exciting attraction is Batman: The Ride for those of us daring enough to take on the crime in Gotham.

The fun doesn’t stop at their great selection of coasters. There’s something for each member of the family as the park provides attractions for all ages and thrill levels. Family favorites include the Big Wheel, Enchanted Teacups, and the 2 different Skyway options.

Pez Visitor Center

Found in Orange, Connecticut, this family day out hidden gem allows for a self guided tour. Along the tour you and your family will be able to see into the production area and view an interactive historical timeline of what led Pez into today.

Also located in the visitor center is the largest public display of Pez memorabilia in the world. Making a stop to see the collection alone would allow for multiple generations of your family to bond over a shared love of the candy and themed dispensers which are sure to resonate with each member’s favorite childhood characters.

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