Truck Accident Investigation

Truck Accident Investigation – How Is It Carried Out?

Truck accidents are normally associated with expensive medical bills, injuries, suffering, and pain, and also the lengthy recovery period. You cannot handle everything on your own, and hence you will need the help of a liable party. This is when an attorney will be of great help for a truck accident investigation.

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Truck Accident Investigation

The plaintiffs involved in the accident should prove that the defendant is at fault and they caused the accident. It is only after this that the personal injury claim can be appealed by the plaintiff.

The procedure starts when the concerned lawyers start their investigation to learn about what actually happened during the accident.

The best way of retaining all the crucial evidence is by starting the investigation as early as possible. The investigating lawyer gives importance to all aspects and tries to understand the actual angle of the accident case.

They even look for the involvement of substance abuse by the driver in the forms of alcohol, drugs, and so on.

How Investigation Is Done

Here are some of the steps that are followed during the investigation of any truck accident.

Evidence Collection

The investigators take clear video and photographs of the debris, damage, crash site, and other such things that might have been left behind after the accident. They even look around the crash site to see whether there are damages to the nearby structures.

Examination Of The Trucks

Examination of trucks will shed light on the fact indicating the damages in the equipment in the trucks. The investigation will bring out the actual damages in the truck that might have caused the accident.

Examination Of The Company’s Records And Truck Driver

The company will keep the record of the driver and their whereabouts, including the deliveries from the past few days that they have handled, driving record, logbook of the driver’s and so on. The safety violations that may have happened from the driver’s side will also be registered in these logbooks.

Consultation With The Experts

Some of the experts, such as toxicologists, medical providers, crash construction experts, life care providers, etc., will get involved in the case to strengthen the injury claim.

Interviewing And Also The Identification Of The Witnesses

The witnesses, first responders to the accidents, other drivers that are involved in the accidents, etc., and every other such concerned personnel will be interviewed here.

Black Box Analyzing

A truck data recorder, or also known as the black box, will be checked to understand what happened exactly during the accident.

The insurance adjusters will then get involved in the case and will understand how to proceed further while handling the case. They will then deal with the police evidence, reports of accidents, and so on and decide how to proceed with the insurance claim by the plaintiffs.

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