Types Of SEO

The Various Types Of SEO Services Available

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to ensure that your business’s online visibility improves. It boosts search engines ranking, conversions and sales.

For the desirable results, there are various types of SEO services to consider. Do you have an idea of these options? If that’s not the case, keep reading as we look into this in detail.

1. On-Site SEO Service

On-site and on-page are words used interchangeably when it comes to this type of SEO. Its focus is usually on a website’s content, including the images, titles, meta descriptions, headers, and keywords.

In this case, the SEO company researches the keywords and chooses the most relevant ones with a huge search volume yet low competition.

Upon identifying them, they optimize the headers and content for these keywords and phrases to improve how high you rank for such terms.

This SEO type also considers the metadata given its significant role when it comes to telling Google what your content is all about.

Therefore, adding relevant keyword phrases and content in the Meta descriptions and Meta titles becomes essential.

Last but not least is internal linking, which sums up this SEO service to a greater extent.

2. Off-Site SEO Service

On-Page SEO

This type of SEO is also referred to as off-page SEO. These are efforts to boost the SEO services on a particular website but are not applied on that page.

Despite that, they are also effective in increasing exposure and improving trust, thus boosting visitors, conversions, and sales.

These methods are primarily associated with growing the backlink profiles, which boosts ranking and visibility. One excellent example is guest posting, whereby you create a blog on other websites but introduce an external link linking to your site.

Another option is the help a reporter out popularly known as HARO to contribute to various topics relevant to your niche.

Besides that, you can conduct competitor research to find out what is working by paying attention to what your competitors are doing.

Be keen on identifying where they get their backlinks. After all, there are high chances that those people may want to link to your site too.

3. Technical SEO Service

Qualities Of An SEO Professional

As the name suggests, this category is technical and goes beyond content. On the contrary, it focuses on the code itself to ensure that the search engines can easily crawl your site. Why is it important?

First of all, technical SEO is crucial in determining website speed. It also guarantees an excellent site structure for the sake of user-friendliness and easy navigation.

Another focus is mobile friendliness because the number of mobile users keeps increasing each day. Taking advantage of that rapidly growing population is suitable for every business.


From the above discussion, it is evident that there are various types of SEO. Each of them is important in its own way, and it is probably best to integrate them all.

Your website will rank high on search engines, improving visits, conversions, and sales if applied well. So, don’t overlook either one of them for the success of your business. In the end, your efforts will pay off.

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