Understanding Of Escape Rooms And Different Types Available

Escape rooms are the best forms of entertainment that are present today. Since physical activity is lost in today’s life, escape rooms provide a mode of getting away from screens and engaging in some really fun activity that involves teamwork, cooperation, leadership, and strategy making.

Escape rooms provide a mix of puzzles that are to be solved by the team. This provides a great opportunity to have real-life fun with family and friends.

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Types of Escape Rooms

If you have visited escape rooms then going into the same room again and again might become monotonous. To break the monotony, multiple types of escape rooms are available.

1. Linear Escape room- these escape rooms are defined by the order in which they are designed. The team deals with one puzzle at a time and each puzzle, when solved, gives a clue or hint for the subsequent puzzle. They are great for beginners because they are relatively easy and you are not required to solve multiple puzzles at a time.

Besides that, they can even be completed with fewer people in a team.

2. Non-linear escape rooms- these escape rooms are complex in nature. The team of escapists is required to solve multiple puzzles at the same time. To make it more difficult, there is a specified time limit under which the puzzle must be solved. Ideally, big groups must perform these escape rooms so that they can divide the work.

Several non-linear escape rooms mix up multiple linear puzzles to make up a big non-linear puzzle.

3. Mix room- these are the mix of linear and non-linear rooms. Such rooms are good because they keep all the team members busy and involved. Besides that, they get very excited because you never know what to expect or what’s coming for you.

4. Scavenger hunt escape rooms- these escape rooms can be either linear, non-linear, or mixed. They are different from other rooms as they do not have any puzzles to solve. Instead, they require your team to find some objects.

5. Red herring escape rooms- as the name suggests, these rooms are filled with clues that are made to waste your time and energy.

They require the player to distinguish between a real clue and a red herring. This is for the pros of escape rooms because distinguishing between clue and red-herring is difficult and requires experience.


Escape rooms are a great platform to enjoy with family, especially after we have come out of the scary times of pandemics.

Since everyone has been locked up in their houses for more than two years, it gets more exciting to meet friends and visit an escape room with them. The mix of puzzles and adventures makes the escape rooms new every time you visit them.

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