Useful items Every Driver Needs to Have in Their Truck

9 Useful Items Every Driver Needs To Have In Their Truck

Useful items Every Driver Needs to Have in Their Truck

You could be a long-haul lorry driver or simply own a truck for those weekend camping trips. But keeping useful items in your cab is a must-have if you want to avoid hassles at any time. Every truck owner knows problems will inevitably appear. Keeping the right tools in your truck gives you peace of mind you’re covered when something like a breakdown occurs.

Another good reason to have essential tools on hand is to assist others stuck on the side of the road. How often do you wish you had an electric winch on your truck to tow someone to the closest garage? If you’re constructing a toolkit, you’ll find the following seven items useful to have in your toolbox.

1. The Winch

An electric or hydraulic winch is not a tool you would keep stored in your truck cab. But, it’s an essential tool which is mounted to your vehicle. A winch will help you in many situations. They’re great for towing other vehicles. But they also help you when you get stuck in snow, muddy roads or if you’re doing off-road work.

2. A Good Socket Set

A truck’s toolkit would be useless without a good socket set included. This essential item gives you versatility when dealing with multiple fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Plus, they help you get the repair job done quickly and efficiently without any hassles. Pick a set that offers a variety of sizes, so you’re not restricted when repairing or carrying out maintenance work.

3. Vice Grips for Locked Bolts

Also known as locking pliers, vice grips will solve any nut and bolt that refuses to budge. This often happens when you’re trying to change a flat wheel. The vice grip is designed to put extreme pressure on the four points of the bolts. In no time at all, you’ll have a locked bolt released and removed. How’s that for making changing a flat wheel simple and quick?

4. Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

You can’t go wrong with including a multi-bit screwdriver in your toolkit. These all-in-one screwdrivers mean you don’t have to rummage in the toolbox trying to find the right size. One piece of equipment can hold a number of multi-bits with different sizes so you have it on hand no matter what you need.

5. Folding Pocketknife

There are so many uses for a high-quality folding pocketknife and including one in your toolbox is always a good idea. Think of the times you’ve needed to cut away rope, tape or even branches tangled up in your axle. A strong and durable folding pocketknife is a must-have every trucker needs in their cab.

6. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables is an item every driver should have whether you’re driving a truck or a sedan. Also known as booster cables, these are used to revive a dead battery. While every driver tries to prevent draining their battery, mistakes happen. Having jumper cables on hand means you won’t be left stranded when you least expect it.

7. Zip Ties

Zip ties, also known as cable ties, have to be one of the most useful things man invented. These nifty fasteners will have you tying anything you need to tie in a flash. The common type of zip tie is made with strong, durable plastic. Zip ties can be used for a variety of purposes. You can tie down a flapping cover on the back of your truck or use them to hold together loose parts until you repair them properly.

8. A Flashlight

How many times have you needed to look under the bonnet of the engine late at night? Hopefully not too often! But when it does happen, having a flashlight is extremely useful. It’s also a handy item when you’re looking underneath the truck to track down the source of strange noises coming from the bottom. A flashlight is even useful when your cab light stops working and you’re trying to find something behind the seat.

9. Cleaning Rags

Working with vehicles is dirty work when you’re repairing them. Try changing a flat wheel without getting your hands dirty. It’s simply not possible. Or, fiddling with the engine when you’re checking to see what’s gone wrong. Somehow, oil always lands on your fingers. Cleaning rags are useful for not only cleaning yourself but wiping off oil spills on the truck.

Final Thoughts

A well-equipped toolbox stored in your truck’s cab brings you peace of mind when you’re on the road. From the electric winch to the zip ties to the cleaning rags and more, such items make handling problems on the road easier.

The next time you’re planning to take a trip with your truck, do yourself a favour. Check out your toolbox and make sure it’s got all the necessary items you need should something go wrong. Most times, driving a truck is hassle-free. But it’s the one time when something goes wrong when you wish you had useful items on hand to solve the problem.

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