UX Trends

2020 UX Trends Worth Your Attention

UX Trends

User experience design is a comprehensive approach that includes a lot of elements: interactivity, usefulness, simplicity, usability, and even emotions that the user receives visiting your site.

When users get a positive experience from interacting with a resource, they come back to it and recommend it to friends. Accordingly, the traffic of your site starts to grow and, as a result, profits increase.

To make the site’s UX design impressive, you have to constantly monitor and implement new trends. This way you will be able to satisfy an increasingly impatient user.

Let’s talk about UX trends that most websites and apps are following now.

1. Micro-Copywriting

To appeal to your audience, use micro-texts on the site. Users interact with a lot of interface functions: buttons, fields, tabs, clickable blocks, etc. They need captions to explain what’s going on and where to click. And short texts should explain it in a friendly way.

They should be informal, lively, and attention-grabbing. The main goal of such a message is to evoke emotions and get feedback from users.

Humor, sincerity, and knowledge of your site’s visitors will help you find a unique method of interaction. But at the same time, the main focus is on problem-solving.

Also, make sure to accompany the text with images where necessary. This appeals to users even better because the human brain tends to digest visual information faster.

However, don’t forget to implement the appropriate image format. Since micro-texts are considered, you will likely have to resize images. You can either do it manually, or use automated image optimization.

2. Micro-Animation

Almost all leading apps embed animation — Uber, Google, Netflix, and many more. Micro-animations will work well if you need to keep the user’s attention and interest. Users like interacting with the site as a living organism that reacts to their actions.

Be careful not to overload the site with interactive elements. Before applying this trend, test whether animated elements help the user or distract them from achieving the goal.

3. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants are among the most popular technology trends in UX/UI. Statistics show that more than half of smartphone users activate voice search at least once a day.

This feature helps expand coverage. Voice search allows you to simplify the site’s user interface, but enriches it with a new communication method and takes the user experience to the next level.

However, voice search is different from the traditional search for information. The queries are becoming shorter, often interrogative in nature, and the user may not receive what they are actually looking for. Thus, this feature requires special SEO settings.

4. Video And Motion Graphics

Promotional Video

A combination of captured video and animated illustrations produces a stunning result. Using 2D or 3D illustrations, you can create catchy videos that may range from a few moving lines to real-like characters or even complex visual effects that do not exist in real life.

Your video elements should be light. Compress the video, but don’t forget about its quality. If the video stops from time to time, visitors will leave your site. The main idea is to optimize your video content so that it loads quickly on all devices.

5. Gamification

As the name implies gamification contains a game. Adults love playing as much as children do. Most activities that we perform can be turned into a game — from creating healthy eating habits to selling goods.

Gamification can help relaunch an existing loyalty program, increase interest in it, and solve urgent business problems such as promoting a new or complex product, drawing attention to it, and explaining its essence and benefits.

6. Storytelling

It is the right time to rethink product presentation. A brand must tell a story to help the customer get the essence of the product. Storytelling in UX means conveying a large amount of information through a simple visual series.

Usually, it should include three main elements: a customer portrait, emotional background, and the script of how the character acts on the site.

In other words, the task is to visualize a customer path. This technique can help you improve the quality of your product presentation and even exceed the user’s expectations. This approach also works well for improving company branding.

7. Virtual And Augmented Reality

Video Games

VR and AR are gaining popularity as hardware and software become more available. The interactive nature of AR allows designers to bridge the gap between the GUI and the real world.

It allows users to interact with virtual images of products and information in a variety of forms. One of the most commonly used AR solutions is when the user interface is associated with an object and triggered by scanning a specific item. This action connects digital animation with a special marker.

The Gartner survey found that by 2020, 46% of retailers plan to implement AR or VR solutions to serve customers.

8. Synchronization

Syncing across multiple devices has now become the experience users expect from any brand. Whether it’s a smartphone, watch, laptop, or smart house, the user needs dynamic access from all devices.

This feature is important for all services that can be bought online. Users are looking to perform one continuous task on different devices with little or no interruption.

UX design is crucial. First of all, it is necessary for the convenience of people, and as a result, for your own benefit.

Therefore, when developing a site, you should put yourself in the place of the visitor and look at the interface with the user’s eyes.

UX is able to revolutionize user engagement. The smallest tasks can be completed in the shortest possible time and with little effort. Each novelty should simplify the user’s interaction with the site and not vice versa.

UX is not something that can be designed once and forever. It’s a long, ongoing process that begins before the first pixels appear on the screen, and continues even after the launch of the site.

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