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How The Video Gaming Industry Is Modifying Into Being Like The Casino Industry

Initially, the video gaming industry started as a group of individuals who used innovative tactics to attract the attention of their customer base.

However, now the stakes are higher and most of the companies are trying everything under the roof to convert their customers into full-on addicts.

The latest is to create a category of consumers called “whales” who are so addicted to the game that they are willing to risk their entire life savings on it.

Read on with us to know how the video gaming industry is transforming itself into becoming like the casino industry.

Rise Of Mobile Gaming And Sequels


Mobile platforms and their increased usage has led to huge companies venturing into video gaming and making a huge fortune out of it. However, most of these companies have a work structure similar to traditional companies and hire PR and marketing departments to promote their brand.

These video gaming brands are successfully establishing games and ensuring their sequels are as successful as them.

Using The Same Techniques As Casino Companies

Just like casino companies, video gaming brands are trying to make their customers addicted to their games.

Some of the highly successful casino brands like Mr. Green casino started with the use of fake currency so that the customer never realizes how much he has spent. Another technique that is being used is known as progress gates.

A slot machine stops charging you once you lose the game and that is called a hard progress rate. On the other hand, a soft progress rate prevents the player from extending his playing session to more than a required duration of time.

Modern games are using both the gates to make the player pay for a product that they already have in their kitty.

Modern video gaming companies are using shops and in-game ATM’s to make sure that the customers keep playing without any worries.

Big brands have launched sequels of almost all of their video games and the customers are more than ecstatic. In fact in 2017 out of the 10 best selling video games, 8 were sequels of previous games like Assassins Creed, Call of duty, Halo, etc.

Creation Of Free To Play Games

The free to play games are created just with the intention of letting the customer get addicted to the existing games.

In the initial period of the video gaming industry, most games were premium i.e. you paid for the game once and could keep accessing it for a long time. However, these days there is the new concept of free to play games.

These games have been designed with the sole belief that some of the players would play free games while the highly addicted ones would pick up the premium packs and continue playing for long thus investing huge amounts of money in the same.

The goal of these games is to get a maximum number of players addicted to them and persuade them to keep buying in-game content like digital trophies, visual enhancements, and virtual goods, etc.


The video gaming industry has overcome all odds and becomes really successful at what they were trying to do.

Customers have addicted to video game playing and try their best to continue enjoying the games offered. They anxiously wait for the sequels of previous games to launch so they can devour the new game too.

With so much going on it is unlikely that the industry is going to slow soon enough. However, the demands of customers are going to keep rising too and the companies would find it tough to keep them satisfied. It would be exciting to see how they cope up in the future.

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