How To Get Video Testimonials For Your Business

How To Get Video Testimonials For Your Business

How To Get Video Testimonials For Your Business

The use of the high quality video testimonials helps one engage new customers and expand the business.

A new customer is more likely to listen to someone who has bought and used the product, than a salesman. Here are the things that a new customer looks for when he watches your video testimonial.

1. Checks The Background Of The Customer

To identify with the customer, the person watching the video will search for clues to the background.

Is he poor, does he have a car and things like that. So, include these details in your video so that the watcher immediately feels a kinship with the customer who bought the product.

Including the details such as the work he or she does and the place where he lives turns the video into a personal message from a commercial advertisement.

2. Talk About The Problem

Every product deals with a problem. Sometimes, the color of the clothes turns yellow because the washing powder is not doing its work, at other times, the chicken fry you order from the restaurant is not arriving on time.

When you talk about the problem, the watcher wants to know the solution and that is the selling point of the video testimonial. Use a strong point, one that most people are likely to have and show how your product solves the problem.

3. Make An Orderly Presentation

Arrange the video such that it is like this – Introduction, problem, solution, and suggestion.

This will help the watcher follow the outline and get involved with the solution. Get rid of all the things that do not address the product or the solution.

This could be things like a reference to a car or a vehicle that the person drives (unwanted detail) or the type of locality he lives in (again unwanted). After you make the video, be sure to trim these portions.

4. Be Sure To Target The User Segment

If you sell beauty cream, be sure to use pretty women and young college girls. For car part makers, the target audience should include the office-goer and his car.

The watcher will join in the conversation going on in the video when he sees them asking questions he would like to ask himself. Like, “How does one adjust a faulty carburetor?” or things of a similar nature.

5. Use The Services Of Video-Making Professionals

The video-making professionals know the problems involved in making the video. Being experienced they will make high-quality videos for any product.

The quality of the video will influence the decision to buy or not to buy. Spending a few extra bucks will give you better results.

6. Make A Good Closing

How To Get Video Testimonials For Your Business1

Finish the video with a positive affirmation from the video presenter. The watcher must get the impression that the product solved his problem and all that he has to do is to buy it.

Keep it crisp and use good equipment (camera and lighting) to make the video.

Author’s Bio

Aleksi Halsas, CMO at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world.

To boost the marketing and sales with high-quality video testimonials is the author’s keen desire.

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