5 Ways To Seek Out And Help Those In Need Around You

There are always people who can use extra help in life, for a variety of reasons. Every community has families or individuals who are struggling medically, financially, or in other ways.

If you would like to help but are not sure how here are some basic things you can do to get started. Be assured that your efforts will be appreciated.

1. Social Media

As you become aware of local needs, with permission of the organization or family, you can post alerts on social media to inform others of how they can also help.

Announcements with updates, scheduled fundraisers and current needs can spread the word to get others involved in helping, especially those who might not be aware of those needs otherwise.

Photos, songs, poems, and testimonials are some of the ways you can draw attention to a worthwhile cause on Facebook and Instagram while inspiring others to help.

2. Volunteerism

By assisting just a few hours each week, you can make a difference at a local charity. Folding diapers for a crisis pregnancy center, reading stories to children at a women’s shelter, or handing out bags of groceries at a food bank will impact the lives of many for good.

You don’t need special talents or certifications. Any necessary training will be provided. If you’re not sure where to start volunteering, ask your local family and friends if they have any recommendations or organizations they are passionate about.

3. Donations

Monetary donations are always useful and welcome. Pick charities that are close to your heart and write a check for an amount you can afford.

You might be contributing to needs like school clothes for kids or helping to cover the cost of transportation for seniors with doctor appointments.

Any amount will be gladly accepted. In some charities you can indicate how you would like the funds to be used, but in others, the administrators will make that decision based on the greatest current needs.

Consider making it a part of your monthly budget to give to an organization of your choice.

4. Bequests

For long-term support of causes close to your heart, you can include in your Last Will and Testament a special donation to a bequest program to help children, for example.

Some people leave money for animal shelters or the homeless. A final bequest can be invested to multiply its value to the recipient organization.

5. Organize Projects

You may become aware of a need that is not being sponsored by an organization or civic group.

You could make the need known to relevant groups and help to organize fundraising projects like a silent auction or a spaghetti dinner, with proceeds going to help the target cause.

Get youth groups or multiple families involved to help you out. Many people are looking for projects to help with in the summer months when the kids are out of school or during the holidays when charitable giving is on many people’s minds.

Whatever your concerns or passion, give of your time, money, or skills to help others in need. Their lives will be enriched because of your generosity, and will be happy to have helped.

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