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Why The 2020 iPad Pro Is A Must For Bingo Fans

One of the great things about online bingo is the fact that you can play it on the go. But, while for some players, smartphones are the perfect medium for playing their favorite games, the small screen size and limited processor capabilities can mean some want more from the experience.

That’s why more and more people are starting to use tablets to play – and when it comes to the best one to experience the game at its most exciting, there’s one clear winner – the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”.

It’s only to be expected. After all, Apple were the pioneers of the tablet and this model represents the pinnacle of the tech to date.

Crystal Clear Images

Quite simply, it looks so good. When playing a graphics-rich game such as the Magic Gate jackpot at Betfair Bingo or perhaps a gameshow-inspired title like Deal or No Deal, half of the experience comes down to the bright, vibrant colors the developers have put in: jackpot type, such as standalone or wide progressive jackpot, has its part to play, but the theme does its fair share of the work.

With the new iPad those images are reproduced in crystal-clarity on a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display that boasts a category-leading 264 pixels per inch.

Perfect Sound

Another feature that adds to the player experience is the sound that the iPad Pro can generate, ideal for perfectly reproducing the soundtracks that accompany the best of the latest bingo games and slots. Not for this model the tinny speaker that sounds like an old-fashioned transistor radio.

Instead, there are no less than four speakers, two on each side of the tablet providing authentic stereo sound. The one drawback, and this is a criticism that has been leveled at Apple in the past, is that there is no conventional mini-jack headphone socket. Instead, you’ll have to invest in a pair of Airpods instead – not a cheap option.

Super-Fast Processor

iPad Pro_2020

At its very best, bingo can be a very fast-moving game. So the last thing that you want is a device that can’t keep up with the pace of the action. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem as Apple believe that their latest model is faster than many PCs.

It has its Apple A12Z Bionic processor to thanks for this which certainly would have been fast enough to power the original bionic man, Steve Austin. Combined with the all-new iOS 14 operating system, it means the action is fluid and smooth with never a hiccup.

Long-Lasting Battery

Battery-fail is another source of frustration when you’re settling down to an extended bingo session. So the 8 hours+ that the device can run on a single charge is also great news.

Plus Those Famous iPad Lines

Even when you’re not playing on the iPad it sits there looking beautiful. Available in space gray or silver, it also has a satisfying weight and solidity you just won’t find in other tablets. With a range of memory sizes up to 1TB it’s simply a question of which suits you best.

Then it’s eyes-down for a whole new mobile bingo experience.

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