Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data: Future Potential For A Combination Of AI And Big Data

Big data is what contributes and empowers Artificial intelligence and paving the way for its expanded future. Data is what we continue to give out every day and there is an estimate that in the coming years, every person will generate 17MB data every day.

If the data is utilized well then it can strengthen and further the rise of AI at much faster speeds. MIT Sloan management review calls it “the single most important development that is shaping the future of how firms drive business value from their data and analytics capabilities.” Let’s examine, how the merger of both will work.

First, let’s see how many types of data are there and what do they do?

  • Descriptive data: It is the type when historical data is used to address issues.
  • Diagnostic data: It’s used to analyze the different patterns and connect their relationship
  • Predictive data: Both present and historical data is analyzed to make an assessment
  • Prescriptive data: It’s used to apply rules and models for future developments

A combination of both AI and big data is crucial for data generation and accumulation itself. A human cannot gather and process data at a speed as faster as that of robots. AI can’t flourish or even work without data, its a lifeblood of it.

It’s the data that helps it grow through continuous learning and development. That data is obtained through a variety of sources, it can be public, private or even purchased.

What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence

AI is basically a technology that will take over many tasks that were previously done by humans. It can calculate, process and execute tasks at speed much faster than any human can imagine. It’s just like having superhuman at the side to work as helping hands.

AI is divided into two branches, i.e. machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is about creating software and systems that learn from data and then applied the learned knowledge to new data formation.

Whereas deep learning is used to formulate system identical to human brains. These systems are called neural networks. It can be used to process data like sounds, images, etc. If you wish to make a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, then check out this AI Training from a recognized learning partner.

What are the most common industries or areas of expertise where big data and AI are combined and will grow further in the future?

Automation Industry

Completely autonomous cars or smart vehicles are still not common or predicted to be abundant in the near future. However, they will eventually take over the market.

There are obviously benefits to driverless cars. But there are fears associated with it too. What if you entered a task that you need to reach an airport and an AI-driven car runs like an airplane in mid of the road, landing you in some trouble.

Therefore, cautious planning and experimentation are needed before making something the norm.

Digital Assistants For Household Chores


These very AI-driven robots can act as an automated household help as well. Repetitive and cumbersome tasks like cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. are all feasibly done with this digital buddies at a home. It can be especially helpful for working mothers.

Manual Labor And Data Processing

Most of the clerical jobs are feared to be replaced by Artificial intelligence technology. These were repetitive functions and the chance of human error was always high. Besides the time taken to execute them was also prolonged. Thus eating up resources in both the public or private sectors.

With robotics that won’t be an issue anymore. They will process heavy data in seconds, move trucks on roads, and work in healthcare to make diagnoses saving time and money for the country’s economy.

It’s Needed In The World Of Marketing

Digital marketing can’t thrive in the future without AI. Analytics provided by it are the ones that can guide craft reasonable strategies.

You need to know what your competitors are doing and what you need to do for competing with them. It will show you the gaps to fill.

Besides marketable content can be created with the help of these tools. Keyword ranking, type of content produced by competitors, and where you stand in the market is provided by AI-driven data.

Time Monitoring Software

This is a newly emerged technology that has decreased numerous troubles previously faced by companies. Staff time tracking software is powered by AI and machine learning and the most expedient way to monitor employees’ productivity.


Before making AI-based technology as the norm of life. States need to inculcate awareness about these tech trends in masses. There are many useless fears circulating in abundance amongst the masses who are misled to think they will lose jobs.

Whereas jobs for advanced tech skills will be more in demand than ever before. The real solution is to enhance tech learning rather than terrifying others. The more this skill is common, the more jobs are created.

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