50 Inspirational Quotes About Attitude Quotes For Girl

Girls may be whimsical but they sure know how to enjoy life to the maximum. Be it wearing make- up or dressing up in fine clothes women rock the style game at all times.

For such marvellous women we have brought together some awesome attitude quotes for girls. Read with us and won’t be amazed at what a beautiful creation you are.


1. “A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.”


2. “Always act like you are wearing an invisible crown.”


3. “Don’t compare me to other girls. There’s no competition. I’m one of a kind.”


4. “Act like a lady, think like a boss.”


5. “Girls who do not ask for much, deserve it all.”


6. “Love me or hate me, approval neither desired nor required.”


7. “Good girls are bad girls that never get caught.”


8. “Please don’t interrupt me while I’m ignoring you!”


9. “Be like a diamond precious and rare. Not like a stone found everywhere.”


10. “A girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see and hard to catch.”

Attitude Quotes For Girl

11. “If you treat me like a queen, I’ll treat you like a king. If you treat me like a game, I’ll show you exactly how it’s played.”


12. “I’m cool but global warming made me hot.”


13. “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”


14. “Why cannot mosquitoes suck out my fat instead?”


15. “Smartness is perfect beauty.”


16. “An ugly personality destroys a pretty face.”


17. “I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.”


18. “Be what you want to be, be the girl you supposed to be and forget the world.”


19. “Good girls are those which can help people, bad girls have no time to help.”


20. “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”

Attitude Quotes For Girl

21. “Once a queen, always a queen.”


22. “I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.”


23. “Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.”


24. “Every girl’s dream  to eat without getting fat.”


25. “My mind makes me a girl, my attitude a bitch and my class a lady.”


26. “I’m the way I’m and I will always be.”


27. “What matters most is how you see yourself.”


28. “I taught your boyfriend that little thing you like.”


29. “What matters most is how you see yourself.”


30. “I am a girl. Do not touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend.”

Attitude Quotes For Girl

31. “Beauty is only skin deep but the attitude is to the bone!”


32. “Listen to your heart above all other voices.”


33. You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.


34. “Not all men are fools, some stay bachelor.”


35. “I’m the girl with dreams on my way of becoming a woman with a vision.”


36. “Boys lie more, but girls lie better.”


37. “Don’t search for a man that will solve all your problems, he won’t. Find one that won’t let you face them alone.”


38. “Only make decisions that support your self – image, self – esteem, and self – worth.”


39. “Sweet as sugar. Cold as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll break you twice.”


40. “Girls do what they want, Boys do what they can.”

Attitude Quotes For Girl

41. “His story is History, my story is Mystery.”


42. “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.”


43. “I love being a girl because I’m my Daddy’s little girl and that rocks!”


44. “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.”


45. “If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote.”


46. “Be such a good soul that people crave your vibes.”


47. “Boys never realize how much one little thing can hurt a girl.”


48. “Be the girl with not just beauty, but also swag.”


49. “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”


50. “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.”

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