6 Things You Should Always Avoid Telling Your Coworkers

We spend a lot of time at work. Forty hours a week for forty odd years adds up to a whopping 70 percent of your life spent in an office where it’s quiet natural to become friends with your coworkers but it’s important to have boundaries.

Always Avoid Telling Your Coworkers

In other words, at the end of the day, they are your coworker first and friend second. And there are just some conversation, you should always avoid telling them

Here Is The List Of Six Things You Need To Keep To Yourself.

1. “That Presentation Was Totally Distructive,” Or Any Other Unconstructive Criticism

hat Presentation Was Totally Distructive

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It’s not always easy, but you should never give a coworker unconstructive criticism. Instead, It’s better to discuss what mistakes were made throughout and offer solutions to the problem. A friend will appreciate your help — and your office will be better off for it.


2. “I Hate My Boss,” Or Anything Else Diminishing About Your Employer.

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You may dislike the person for whom you work but you should not share your boss-related frustration with your coworker. You never know what they might say you said about that boss to another team member, HR or worse, the boss you have been complaining about.


3. “You’Re The Best In The Office,” Or Whatever Your Co-Worker Want To Hear.

You’Re The Best In The Office

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Giving a coworker a compliment may seem harmless, But that helps neither you nor them any favors, because they’ll continue to do below average work, if they are uncapable and non-competent, but they will actually think that its their best because you told them it was excellent.


4. “You Won’T Believe This Information About My Client,” Or Any Sensitive Client Details.

Sensitive Clients

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You always need to make sure that you are not releasing any of their private information across departments and co-workers. Do not let a simple file upload or email share by you, put you in this situation. Keep confidential information exactly intact.


5. “Did You Hear About What He/She Did Last Night?” Or Any Other Office Gossip.

Other Office Gossip

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Spreading office gossip is never a good idea. You have no right to talk to one about another’s personal life. Even if the info seems harmless, it can negatively affect how your friend is perceived in the office. So try to stick to facts and figures, and save the gossip for your out-of-office friends.


6. “I Totally Screwed Up,” Or Any Other Admission Of A Big Mistake.

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Mistakes do happen by everyone. But do not publicize your mistakes to your work friends. Because you are always coworkers and competitors in office.

You never know how your close one can use this information against you. They might not even realize it themselves but once the information is leaked, it will cause a lot of trouble for you.



So, follow the above mentioned 6 steps to avoid chaos in your professional life and make your workplace more healthy.

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