30 Gift Ideas For Your Impossibly Cool Friends

40 Gift Ideas For Your Impossibly Cool Friends

Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life. So when something big happens in your best friend’s life, you should get them a gift.

Trying to find the most interesting gifts out there? We make it easy to give gifts they’ll never forget.  Take a peek at our awesome gift ideas for friends day for some inspiration.


1. The PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker

gifts for men

Product Review : Unlike some of the negative reviews, this Bacon Cooker actually washes easily in the dishwasher, the cover keeps the Microwave from splattering of the bacon grease and it makes super yummy Bacon in less than 5 minutes. As a low carb dieter bacon is one of the few indulgent pleasures that doesn’t effect my diet. Get it from Amazon for $18.22

2. Rainbow Shower Head

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Product Review : Great colors and great water pressure! Love it! Like a party in the shower! My kids love to take a shower everyday now! Also bought bluetooth waterproof speaker! Get it from Amazon for $18.49


3. Dummy Punching Bag

christmas gifts

Product Review : Great color! Love it! My kids love this Dummy Punching Bag! Get it from Amazon for $25.93


4. Cards Against Humanity

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Product Review : My oldest son put this game on his Christmas wish list. Knowing nothing about it I purchased it. I was overjoyed that he was asking for something that didn’t require batteries or wasn’t a video game. Get it from Amazon for $25


5. Flavor-Tripping Tablets

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Product Review : A very interesting experience. We all tried the tablets; they are a little bitter on the tongue but wow! Strawberries taste amazing – it heightens the sweetness. Lemons taste like lemonade or lemon candy. It was fun trying different foods while the effect was present. Wears off without an issue. Would recommend. Get it from Amazon for $14.99


6. AirZooka

gift ideas for men

Product Review : I have been considering purchasing this item for a few years for my office mates as a Christmas gift, and I finally did this year. Because I had read that assembly is difficult, I decided to put all 8 guns together before presenting them. Two hours and lots of sweat (yes, I was literally sweating) later, I had 8 perfectly assembled Airzooka guns. Get it from Amazon for $19.99


7. Inflatable Queen Sofa

gift ideas for women

Product Review :  I have been considering purchasing this item for a few years for my office mates as a Christmas gift, and I finally did this year. Great colors and great pressure! Love it! Get it from Amazon for $68.28


8. The USB Humidifier, Mister, and Diffuser

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Product Review : this  item is durable &  easy to use. Great colors! Love it! A very interesting experience. Get it from Amazon for $33.89


9. Japanese Staple-less Stapler

christmas presents

Product Review : Works perfectly by creating a small punch through and then folding the punched paper over to lock in place. Great idea; construction is the best. Get it from Amazon for $12.70


10. Squeezable Popsicle Molds

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Product Review : You have a lot of choices in the silicone ice pop mold category. These are the ones to buy, in my opinion. I bought a set of 10 similar, but cheaper, popsicle molds from another Amazon seller. The molds do the job, but are inferior. You can see in the photo these important differences (no, really). These molds are at the top of the photo, the cheaper molds are on the bottom. Get it from Amazon for $15.18


11. Projection Clock

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Product Review : This clock is starting to bug me, I had an older model that was perfect, needed another so I got this. This one is junk, the backlight changes in the middle of the night and lights up the whole room. The protection has big blocky digits that look stupid compared to the older model. The wireless sensor is constantly cutting out at a range of 10ft plus a window… It’s on for 10 minutes, then it’s off again. Get it from Amazon for $27.99


12. Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar for iPad/Bluetooth

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Product Review : The good is that it sounds much better than any phone/tablet speakers, more than good enough for movies and Skype or phone use, not too bad for music, but obviously not going to fill a large room with amazing sound. Seems solid and the silicone should absorb lots of abuse and protect the electronics and speakers. Get it from Amazon for $49


13. Morninghead Cap

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Product Review : This product does exactly what it says. I’ve been “blessed” with curly hair and it’s always been a nightmare to deal with in the mornings. Now I can sleep in for ten more minutes not having to worry about fixing my annoyingly curly hair. Get it from Amazon for $10.99


14. The Avocado Saver

gifts for women

Product Review : I love these. I hate grey avocados. I would eat a whole avocado at a time but try not to because too much at once really isn’t good for you. These work awesomely to keep my avocados fresh. Get it from Amazon for $10.95


15. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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Product Review : I’ve been using this breakfast sandwich maker for over a year, and I really do love it. Whenever family or friends visit and happen to spend the night, they all ask me for breakfast sandwiches the next morning because they know how great they are. Get it from Amazon for $23.85


16. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

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Product Review : I bought this product for my wife. I want to control my weight and she doesn’t want to budge on buying herself ice cream and I have a willpower weakness for ice cream. So far it has done the job. It has kept me out of her ice cream and helped me a little in my struggle to control my weight. Get it from Amazon for $35.95


17. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

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Product Review : I got 6 in total for my and grandchildren they all love it. Give the first two in September one on the 18 and the other one the 27. Have 2 grandchildren in October and there hoping to get one also. Get it from Amazon for $49


18. Pack of 12 Wasabi Kit Kat Chocolate Bars

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Product Review : Package received as promised and was fresh and got was I was planning. Thoroughly enjoyed this product as I am a chocoholic. Get it from Amazon for $30


19. Hand Shovels

unique gifts for men

Product Review : Good sand shovels. My kids played for hours in the sand with them. They are sturdy which is what I was looking for. Sturdy diggers. Kids ages 2 -12 used them with no issues. Great to take to the beach and for our home sand box. Get it from Amazon for $14.95


20. An Ultralight Canister Camp Stove

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Product Review : What a deal. Work perfectly and have a good range of temperature adjustment. Easy to adjust temperature. Pack very small in the provided containers. Had an issue with one of the burners – probably due to an issue with one of the jets and was offered a replacement within hours of emailing the seller even though it had been over a month since I purchased them. Get it from Amazon for $12.39


21. Long Distance State Coffee Mug

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Product Review : I ordered this the 1st of May (hoping it would get to my mom by Mother’s Day). The arrival was from the 12th-17th, it arrived on the 9th!! So that was great! My mom loved the gift- she sent me photos of it- it does come in the gray color not a black- which I was happy about I didn’t want black. The gray and pink look nice together. Would order this again in the future if ever needed. Get it from Amazon for $19.99


22. Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card

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Product Review : I purchased these gift cards as a gift. They all worked great, and the recipients loved them. They were a great gift and I will buy them again! For you husbands…find out if your wife’s spa accepts these first. I got lucky they did. They are accepted at a lot of places. Just call first. Get it from Amazon for $100


23. Daves Wood Designs Handmade Wooden Candy Dispenser

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Product Review : This product is well made and a very nice looking dispenser. It is made so candy falls directly into your hand eliminating someone sticking their grubby hands into you candy dish. I like this product, however I have two comments. This unit can be order with a larger hole for candy such as peanut M&M’s or a smaller hole for regular M&M’s, it would be nice if the larger hole model would come with some sort of hole reducer that could be snapped into place so that one could easily switch between different candies. Get it from Amazon for $72.95


24. ELEMIS 25 Heritage Heroes Kit

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Product Review : Beautifully packaged skin care set with full size night cream, marine cream, and eye cream. These 3 products alone cost around $350. Then add in 22 other products (all highly rated on various websites) and this is a pretty good deal. Do your research, however. I found this at a much lower cost than this price. Everything I have ever tried from Elemis, I’ve loved. Get it from Amazon for $244


25. VoltTorch Waterproof CREE LED Flashlight

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Product ReviewLight weight, low power consumption, compact and easy to carry It is so portable and lightweight that you can carry it anywhere Made of high quality aluminum alloy, it is sturdy enough Ultra-clear glass glass lens makes light brighter Non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable Stretchable flashlight with adjustable focus. Get it from Amazon for $14.99


26. Texas Tees Mama Bear & Baby Bear Matching Outfits

gifts for girls

Product Review : I bought this shirt for my husband and it fit just as expected. It’s also pretty good quality, it’s soft and the design hasn’t faded. I’ve run it through the washer and dryer several times because I bought it for him for Christmas. It didn’t shrink in the dryer either. Get it from Amazon for $14.99


27. Willow Lake Farms Premium California Olive Oil & 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set

christmas presents for him

Product Review : I recently purchased the Willow Lake Farms Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar set. The olive oil has a refined olive flavor which is lovely on fresh leafy green lettuce. The Balsamic is as fine a vinegar as that which is produced in Italy. A true rich burgundy color with an amazing texture and just enough kick to be interesting.  Get it from Amazon for $39.98


28. Boyfriend Pillow

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Product Review : Let me start off by saying that I bought this as an anniversary present for my girlfriend. This pillow is great. So good, in fact, that my girlfriend left me to start a life with it. She named it “Steve”. Her and “Steve” now have three Children Body Pillows® together, and an adorable Dog Body Pillow. Get it from Amazon for $34.99


29. KindNotes SYMPATHY Keepsake Gift Jar

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Product Review : A friend of mine lost a loved one. I generally send flowers with a card. I decided to do something different this time. She received this in the mail and immediately contacted me. She loved it. I think this is a great idea and its something that can be kept forever. I was just happy that she was happy. I haven’t seen this item in person but would probably recommend just based on her feedback. It was convenient, affordable and original. I recommend. Get it from Amazon for $34.95


30. kate spade new york ‘I Need A Vacation’ Francis Tote Bag

birthday gifts for men

Product Review : I usually read bad reviews and then move on, completely ignoring the good reviews. I’m so glad I didn’t this time. I looked at a ton of higher end places for a better quality purse and couldn’t find anything I liked to look of what I saw in the pictures of this one. So, I decided to go for it and I love it. Get it from Amazon for $79


31. Wildlife Kitchen Knife

Wildlife Kitchen Knife

Product Review : Great set of knives! The graphics are top notch, but the performance is also surprisingly good. Quality steel with a great edge that appears will hold up to honing and sharpening. The handles are ok – doubt they’re full tang, but I’m very satisfied for the price point. They definitely draw the eye!! Get it from Amazon for $49.95


32. The Original Shot Flask

The Original Shot Flask

Product Review : I recently attended a wedding where there was no alcohol being served, and told my wife I wished that I had a flask to bring. She surprised me with this flask a few days before we left, and it came in very handy! Get it from Amazon for $14.95


33. 4 Pack Wine Tumbler

4 Pack Wine Tumbler

Product Review : The funny 4 pack wine tumbler set can be as wife gifts, sister gifts, daughter gifts, Mother’s day gifts, girlfriends gifts, Woman’s Day gifts, female employee gifts, female coworker gifts, female relatives gifts, suitable for all women. Get it from Amazon for $34.91

34. Appreciation Gifts Cup

Appreciation Gifts Cup

Product Review : I bought this as a thank you gift. It arrived a little late but none the less they love it. Get it from Amazon for $31.99


35. Neck Shoulder Back Massager

Neck Shoulder Back Massager

Product Review : This massager work really well, I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck from the work that I do and this really helps a great deal. Get it from Amazon for $49.99


36. HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband

HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband

Product Review : Don’t seem very strong,, have trouble keeping small screws on it,,, tried it, don’t use it really! UPDATE,, they sent me another April 20th 2018,,, it’s not near as bulky,, looks good, feels good and the magnets are pretty strong,,I believe they have a good product now,, thank you for the replacement,, very much satisfied. Get it from Amazon for $8.99


37. TRUNKCRATEPRO Premium Multi Compartments

TRUNKCRATEPRO Premium Multi Compartments

Product Review : This organizer is working well for me, my 2016 4Runner needed something to keep my purchases from rolling around every time I go round a corner! Get it from Amazon for $39.98


38. BrüMate NOS’R

BrüMate NOS'R

Product Review : I love this stainless steel whiskey glass. I no longer use crystal glasses because this nos’r is all I need. It is light weight, looks very elegant, and it keeps my ice and drink cold. I will be buying more for Christmas gifts! Get it from Amazon for $24.95


39. Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Product Review : Sent this for a gift,they absolutely love it, thebag and cups are great quality, would definitely order again for myself or as another gift. Get it from Amazon for $42.95


40. Mixology Bartender Kit

Mixology Bartender Kit

Product Review : I rarely review on-line purchases, but I’m so pleased with this set that I had to. Exactly as advertised. Contains all the necessary pieces for a home bartending set, plus a small cocktails recipe booklet. Solid quality finishes. Looks great on my countertop! Excellent customer service! Get it from Amazon for $98.99

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