AWS Cloud Architect Course

4 Reasons To Pursue AWS Cloud Architect Course

AWS Cloud Architect Course
AWS Cloud Architect Course

Cloud-based applications and websites are the future of information technology. More and more companies are shifting towards cloud platforms. AWS is and remains one of the most popular cloud computing platforms.

If you are a professional looking to see a boost in your earning potential and cement your status as an expert, AWS certifications are a must-have.

There are currently 12 AWS certifications that you can choose from based on your interest and experience. One of the most in-demand AWS certifications is the AWS Cloud Architect certification.

There are two exams that individuals can take for this certification – Associate level and Professional level. AWS certifications are industry-leading cloud certifications that are globally recognized and validate the skills of professionals, making them stand out amongst their peers and attractive to potential employers.

There are various reasons why professionals should consider acquiring AWS Cloud Architect certification by pursuing AWS Cloud Architect course, including –

1. Increase in earning potential

Along with boosting your resume, AWS certification can also boost your earning potential. According to a survey conducted by Jefferson Frank, 70% of AWS professionals that were involved in the survey reported an increase of up to 20% in their salary after acquiring AWS certifications.

AWS certified professionals can expect an average annual salary of up to $113,932, which is approximately $20,000 higher than their counterparts who are not certified.

With AWS certifications, professionals can learn new skills, understand the platform well and discover the best AWS practices, making them more efficient and a valuable asset to their organizations.

2. Showcasing dedication to technology

With an AWS certification, it becomes evident that professionals are committed to the industry as well as the standard practices that form the foundations of the industry.

Hiring managers can gauge the technical knowledge as well as core competencies of individuals who are AWS certified.

It shows that they have mastered a certain level of AWS knowledge. It also strengthens their resume, giving them an edge over their competitors.

AWS certifications combined with some experience make professionals more valuable as compared to those with just experience and no certifications.

3. Preference for certified candidates

Employers tend to prefer candidates who are certified, especially with AWS Professional or Speciality certifications. These certifications give the employers an idea about what they can expect from candidates and this would help them tailor the on-the-job professional development of candidates.

To build your knowledge base on AWS, there are two ways that you can go for :

  1. Digital training : Professionals can pursue online AWS Cloud Architect training. There are various options available online. AWS itself publishes educational materials on its website that professionals can refer to. There are different online guides and resources available for free, that professionals can use to prepare for the AWS Cloud Architect exam.
  2. Classroom training : There are various classroom AWS Cloud Architect training courses available for professionals who would be more comfortable with in-person training. To acquire the AWS Cloud Architect certification, professionals need to pass the SAA-C02 exam. It is a 130-minute exam that consists of multiple-choice questions.

The exam fee for the Associate-level exam is $150 and for the Professional level exam, it is $300. Four main areas that are covered in the exam include –

  • Design resilient architectures
  • Design secure applications and architectures
  • Design high-performing architectures
  • Design cost-optimized architectures

4. Technically, the AWS Cloud Architect

Associate is an entry-level certificate. However, with this certification, the skills that professionals learn in their first year as an architect are validated, and that is not an entry-level job.

Professionals would need to have considerable knowledge of AWS products as well as architecture. Hence, the AWS Cloud Architect exam is tough and there is a lot to learn before taking the exam.

Cloud architects need to find a balance between business needs and the competing forces of technology. They need to balance resilience, security, cost, customer requirements as well as performance while designing architectures.

The AWS Cloud Architect training and certification is suitable for professionals with at least a year of experience in an architect role.

With the right experience, the AWS Cloud Architect certification can act as a stepping stone into an architect role. Hands-on experience is necessary for both passing the Cloud Architect exam and career progression.

The exam has been specifically designed for cloud architects and cloud admins, however, network engineers, systems admins, or developers might also benefit from AWS Cloud Architect training and certification.

Professionals who are cloud admins and want to pursue the role of a cloud architect can benefit majorly with AWS Cloud Architect training and certification course.

They are well suited to acquire this certification since they already have experience with AWS services. Cloud admins would have managed various combinations of services and different configurations, making that experience beneficial for progressing into architecting AWS systems.

Cloud architects have the potential to earn an average annual salary of $105,000, with AWS Cloud Architect certification in addition to an experience of five to six years.

If you are an experienced professional looking to get your skills validated to move into an entry-level architect or higher-level engineer role, then the AWS Cloud Architect certification is worth it.

Once you have acquired the appropriate amount of experience, this certification will help you make the jump into an architect job. The AWS Cloud Architect training is useful in such a case.

There aren’t any prerequisites for the AWS Cloud Architect certification, however, one year of experience in designing distributed systems on AWS that are fault-tolerant, cost-efficient, and scalable is recommended.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge in designing and managing applications using AWS tools and services.

This can be acquired by pursuing AWS Cloud Architect training courses. To successfully pass the AWS Cloud Architect, professionals need to score a minimum of 720 out of 1000.

The AWS Cloud Architect certification is valid for three years after which it can be renewed annually. Generally, candidates require 80 to 120 hours to prepare for the exam, depending on their experience level.

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