B2B Marketers Engage Heavily With Content: Leadtail

Despite all the technology available, it is not easy to reach, engage, and influence B2B marketers.

How B2B Marketers Engage on Twitter“, a special report prepared by Leadtail aims to provide social media insights into the patterns and behaviors of B2B marketing decision makers.

Using Leadtail’s Social Insights technology to analyze data from Twitter, this report has revealed insights about B2B marketing executives to find:

  • How do B2B marketers describe themselves on the Social Web?
  • Which social networks are B2B marketers active on?
  • What topics are they talking about?
  • Which media sources are these marketing professionals consuming and sharing?
  • Who are the most influential vendors and people with B2B marketers?

Important findings of the report are:

  • B2B marketers are business leaders focused on curating a social media presence that showcases their skills, relationships, and expertise
  • Social media, content marketing, big data, and mobile are active, top-of-mind conversation topics for B2B marketers
  • B2B marketers consume Industry Media to stay up to date and informed, making it a key channel for reaching these decision makers
  • B2B marketers engage heavily with content from an elite group of vendors, creating both opportunity and challenges for other vendors that want to influence the conversation
  • B2B marketers actively engage with those they consider thought leaders – whether those are people or vendors
What Types Of Content Do They Share?


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