Node Js Web Development

7 Benefits of Node Js Web Development For Your Business

Node JS is an open source environment that can run on multiple platforms and uses Javascript at the server side. If a web server needs to execute a task and retrieve contents from a file, the task request is sent to the file system of the computer. Once the request is forwarded, the computer can process the next request while the current task is executed and the file data is returned. Node js will help to not block a system and allows the system to execute concurrent tasks. The system is available to process the next request once a request moves forward.

Why Use Node JS?

Node Js Web Development

Node JS helps build I/O outbound applications, Data streaming apps, Data Intensive real time applications, JSON API based apps and Single page apps. CPU intensive applications must not use Node JS.

1. High Performance for Real time applications.

Web applications use Node JS to multitask. The single threaded, event driven architecture processes help simplify the RAM. The code execution is faster due to the event loop and non blocking I/O operations. Node JS is built on the V8 engine for Google Chrome and is written with the help of C++. The Javascript code is broken further into machine codes faster with Node JS. Faster execution, better compilers, security patchworks and scaling ability are some of the key features of the NodeJS platform.

2. Easily Scalability

Businesses are growing every day. Node JS has proven to be the right solution for the growing consumer base. The cluster module helps balance load across multiple CPU cores. You can save burning out the RAM and gain the desired outcomes with smaller modules. The application can be segregated into smaller parts because Node JS. Nodejs development company can help you achieve high performance with lesser resources due to the rich functionalities of Node JS.

3. Cost Effective And Easy To Code

Node JS allows developers to write front end and back end codes in Javascript. This helps save immense money invested on two separate development teams. A lot of time, money and resources can be saved. The development is easier with Javascript.

4. Huge Community Support

You can expect a lot of support from experts all over the world due to the growing demand of Node JS. NPM is the largest package manager registry all worldwide. You have many different tools and libraries to use in the project. There are many resources, ready-to use codes, modules and registries for a huge knowledge repository. Many famous companies all over the world are supporting Node JS.

5. Quick To Adapt

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages all over the world. It is easier to adapt and learn Node JS quickly. The time consumption to write the codes is also less. Most people make use of javascript for frontend development. Node JS is an universal programming language and requires very little effort to learn.A survey conducted by StackOverflow released a report that 49.9% of developers elected Node JS as the most common technology.

6. Quick Caching

The caching module of Node JS has made it easy for Nodejs development company to reduce the workload and re-execution of the code. When the first module of your Node JS gets a request, the app memory caches it. The user can quickly access the web page without wasting any time. The web pages will load quickly due to quick caching features. eBay recollects that they added it to their quickstack for super efficient and real time applications.

7. Cross Platform Applications

A development team can build native applications without proper understanding of the C, C# or any other core programming languages. Google Chrome Developer Tools provide you with various tools to develop, debug and test codes easily. Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, react and Node JS help in web development. Cross platform web applications help you save time invested in writing separate codes for different operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux.

Concurrent request handling due to the asynchronous event driven IO, fast code execution, reduced buffering, highly scalable,single threaded and Javascript library are salient advantages of the Node JS Web development platform.
Node JS comes with a heavy set of features but it also has its disadvantages. Unstable API, Lack of library support, experienced resources demand, heavy computing tasks are some of the most common disadvantages. Hire node JS developer who can help you tackle these issues with their expertise. Hire developing firms that have a loyal clientele and have built a reputation in providing cent percent customer satisfaction. Transparency and agility are two of the most desired qualities that the developers have to possess.  who is flexible to entertain all your demands and does not have any hidden service charges.

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