10 Best Antivirus Software For 2019 For Laptop And PCs

With the rapid increase in cyber threat, it is essential to protect your computer against potential hazards. Don’t know where to start? We bring to you a thorough comparison of top rated antivirus software available.

You can thus choose the one that fulfills all your security needs.

1. McAfee


McAfee is one of the well-known security software companies beyond a doubt. Originating in 1987 they have been one of the top players since their onset. Straight out of California, USA, this tech-savvy company is the largest in the world due to primary growth and acquisitions for greater than 15 companies since its origin.

The takeover by Intel in 2011 has done nothing but continue the growth of this software giant all over the world in more than 100 countries. Due to their excellence in antivirus protection, Internet security and beyond McAfee continues to stay at the front of the line in security software year after ongoing year.

Review: Glassdoor

I have been working at McAfee (More than a year)

Pros: You have work from home options and the company has maintained the optimal ratio of contractors to full timers.

Cons: No cons at all. All in generic to what others have.

Advice to Management: Have more adherence to the policies in terms of good recruitment professionals as there is a lack of talent as seem within the company.

Please try to look for people in grass-root level of work.


2. Webroot


Webroot is a United States based software company that has broadened their operation scope to include both Asia and Europe. Security for many of your online needs is their specialty and has led them to much success around the world reaching over 100 countries so far.

Internet Security Essentials and SecureAnywhere are two of their major line products. With beginnings based in the Webroot Window Washer back in 1997, their innovation and longevity is moving Webroot forward as a major player in the security industry. Their powerhouse functionality combined with minimal file size gives you a lot of bang for your resources.

Review: Capterra

Pros: This software allows you to use it up to 4 or 5 different devices under one membership I have it installed on my Desktop, cell, tablet, and Lab top.

No matter which device it is on I dont ever have a problem with it slowing up any device or causing it to hesitate when the program is running in back ground or scanning for viruses.

I love this software and it is very user friendly it does what it is supposed to, and protects all my devices in my opinion.

Cons: It is a cloud based network so connection problems could affect its performance. I dont have that problem to often but I have noticed it once or twice. What would really make it better is if they had live support and help instead of just email and telephone support, it would be more convenient , and when I have any questions or issues they would be taken care of alot quicker and easier.

Overall: Webroot protects me from malicious apps as it blocks them before they can infect any of my devices. It makes sure that the websites you are browsing and downloads are secure.

I forgot to say that is has a lost device feature that helps you find a device that has been lost or stolen. Its probably nit the best anti virus out there but I like it and it is easy to use.


3. Paretologic


ParetoLogic brings you a powerhouse of protection with two levels of security software packaging. Computer security is a critical component of our lives today in order to protect both your system and your personal information. Beyond that your life could be seriously impacted if the wrong information is compromised.

Thankfully companies like ParetoLogic have created powerful antivirus programs to thwart even the toughest of computer damaging Internet schemes. Whether it’s a deep seeded rootkit, simple or complex viral software, adware, spyware and many other known and not known attacks, ParetoLogic has you covered.

Review: Toptenreviews

Pros: This software can remove files from many browsers, email services and instant messengers.

Cons: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls does not wipe data from removable media.

Overall: In addition to being easy to use, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls’ advanced tools thoroughly clean your hard drive and internet browser to levels that exceed U.S. government standards. This software serves as a good option for those that need high levels of security both online and off.




You might think of ESET as one of the old-timers in the computer software protection industry. They’ve been alive and protecting computers around the world in greater than 180 countries since as far back as 1987.

Reviewed and rated highly around the industry they have received many awards. Virus Bulletin VB100 awarded them a running string of awards more than anyone else around. They have received multiple others as well.

When it comes to malware protection of all shapes and sorts, antivirus full range safety and excelled protective features against many scams such as hacking, phishing and others, they’ve got you covered. Firewalls and parental controls are also included as additional features in the ESET line of services.

Review: G2crowd

What do you like best?

Is a low resource consumer for laptops and PCs, mostly run on the back and you don’t note it. It is simple, easy of use and provide a good security for the laptops, PC and mobile. The application update the viruses databse almost every day and provide multiple options to get a better web, mail, antispam, antiphising, adware protection, etc.

What do you dislike?

When I try to surf on the web, the application blocks most of the pop ups, viruses, windows, etc, but every day more pop ups, viruses and marketing can pass to the PC, the ESET program didnt block the new adware, spyware and malware.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Is a nice firewall and antivirus, consuming low resources, and blocking the most of the attacks.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Before ESET ES, we didnt have any protection to malware, spyware and adwar. ESET provide a efficient firewall and antivirus, it is not infallible, but its ok by now.


5. Kaspersky


Kaspersky hails from a Russian software lab who have been around since 1997. A global presence based in Moscow they cover 30 global regions reaching more than 300 million end users in nearly 200 countries.

As highly rated antivirus provider, Kaspersky is in use by big name security protections such as Clearswift and Frontbridge as well as the world renowned Samsung. For antivirus longevity and power in the industry, Kaspersky is by far one of the best antivirus software options available.

Review: Mouthshut

We all know that there are many risks in using internet like Malware and other Viruses. If we do not take care about viruses than it can steal our important data as well important files from our computer. We are using internet banking and online shopping at this time, if we have viruses in our computer than there chance to steal our credential and fraud in it.

I am using Kaspersky Antivirus as my antivirus and very happy with use it. I am using Kaspersky Antivirus from 2010 and still using it now, because there no any other antivirus in market which can beat Kaspersky Antivirus in protection.


  •  Clear And User-friendly Interface- which give us easy system for operate this software.
  •  Very Powerful Engine-can give fast scanning and removing viruses from computer in just some seconds.
  •  Recovery Features- of this Antivirus called Rollback is awesome system and if we deleted some important files with scanning and disinfection process than we can recover it without hassle.
  •  Improved Performance And Highly Configurable Antivirus- which work super fast and give us lot of customization for use it as per our choices.
  •  Protect us with any type viruses or malwares. Kaspersky Lab always working for find new viruses which are come in market and add antivirus data in software, which help us to protect from new born viruses.
  •  Kaspersky help us to prevent using spamming and malware affected site and warn us for not to use same sites.
  •  Kaspersky Internet Security tool- give us safe internet banking and online shopping, it help us to protect our data while doing online payment.


1) This is some big software and we need keep it update.

2) Memory consumption could be improved, because if you have small Ram than it make your computer or Laptop slow.

Final Words:-

I must say that there are no many cons of this software and you must use it for protect your computer against malware and viruses. This great tool have not big price, its secure your data in just price of two movie ticket for year. I highly recommending this software for all people who are using online shopping as well doing internet banking transactions.



6. Norton


Norton Antivirus doesn’t even need an introduction. Having been on the scene of computer security for greater than a 20 year timespan, they by far can lay claim as one of the top for longevity and success. Developed as a Symantec product the name and products are world renowned. Back in 1991 when Norton first began, home PCs were not as common as in this day and age. When the home PC revolution began so did Norton’s growth and popularity. They appear nearly unstoppable with their continued popularity growth.

Known for their reliability and minor resource utilization with a powerhouse of protection, the Norton name has become nearly one and the same as computer security. With over 20,000 employees and an international operations face, Symantec has for many years held a place at the top of the security marketplace amongst customers, raters and benchmarks across the industry.

Review: Capterra

Pros: Norton Security Suite is one of the best security software in terms of protecting again attacks such as; malware, spyware, Trojans, and etc.

Some of the features that i use day to day are; Performance Scan, which deleted registry items that not being used or old, deletes all browsing history for all browsers with one click, Backups– I schedule monthly backups into norton’s cloud storage, then there is frequent scans that Norton Security Suites starts automatically.

The RAM space uses a lot for some reason with these security software. The Updates running automatically in the background with the need for me to actually open the software and click the update button physically. For The price of the software i am getting tons of features at my disposal to use.

Cons: The RAM space that Norton Security Suite uses i feel like most of the time my comp is running a little slower, such as opening applications and closing applications i see a lag, it is due to the fact that the Norton Security Suite is running in the back ground, but the slowness is just for a few minutes, which it could be that the updates are running in the background.

Overall: Using Norton Security Suite i have the feeling that my PC is always protected, Also any applications i download from the web it will run an initial scan of that application before the installation is triggered, if the application is not a genuine application it will not install.

I fee like my money is well spent on Norton Security Suite which i have been using for years now. I encourage users to use the software.


7. Trend Micro

Trend Micro

Trend Micro has come a long way since their beginning in 1988. Initially part of the Intel brand, this leader in the computer security arena, has taken much of the world by storm since their humble beginnings in Los Angeles, California. Now housed in China and headquartered in Tokyo, Trend Micro has been on a steady growth path through consistent acquisitions since 2005.

Their growing powerhouse of offerings thanks to a team of over 5,000 team members has led to a global recognition throughout Europe, Asia and much of the world. The major security contenders are keeping an eye on Trend Micro as they continue to beef up their branding methods and hone in on the dominant markets.

Review: Capterra

Pros: Great Antivirus software if you dislike McAfee and Symantec. This software has a great removal suite for computers and servers that are infected. Helps you easily remove and restore your computer back to life.

Cons: Although this product has saved me time, it’s third on my list and wished that the software was more proactive in finding antivirus and malware that Malwarebytes easily picks up.

Overall: Great alternative antivirus and malware software. They have made improvements and keeping an eye on them and what the future holds for this company.


8. BitDefender


BitDefender, previously marketed as AVX in 1996, is well known for their computer protection line of packages. Covering everything from spyware to antivirus and firewalls, they have you covered no matter where your computer lives.

Home or work, big or small, BitDefender by Softwin carries on the excellence that brought this line to the forefront of computer protective software. Acclaimed as one of the top in the industry for their rock-solid performance and protection, BitDefender is end-user friendly and easy for the professional or the novice. Home or business they’ve got you covered. This product covers the range needed to defeat even the nastiest of malware and code designed to damage your computer experience.

Review: G2crowd

What do you like best?

This is a very complete antivirus that constitutes an authentic reference in the sector.

If you decide on Bitdefender you can choose the antivirus or the Total Security version (which includes the same antivirus) that is a little more complete.

It is totally configurable and offers a multitude of tools: total or partial antivirus analysis, web protection, wi-fi security advisor, firewall, antispam, … And also allows you to leave it with the default configuration, for those who do not want to modify anything.

In addition to security tools, it also offers optimization, allowing among others to select the startup programs so that they do not consume excessive resources.

What do you dislike?

The price is a little high, although the truth is that Bitdefender is a great program.

Recommendations to others considering the product

For me it is the best security alternative that there is nowadays in the market.

What are your problems? What are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Nowadays every company is, to a greater or lesser degree, connected online, so Bitdefender is very beneficial because it guarantees security.


9. ZoneAlarm


ZoneAlarm offers protection against many of the raging Internet threats facing computer users in our society. From Trojans to viruses and worms, spyware and more, they’ve got you covered with an advanced ZoneAlarm suite of software offerings. If you are a computer user and Internet browser you would do well to consider them.

With additional features not common from other security vendors such as restoration tool assistance, credit monitoring and a more common online backup option, ZoneAlarm further makes themselves a contender in the online security market. A free trial for 30 days is offered on the front end so you can check it out first, if you prefer.

Review: Capterra

Pros: I have used both the paid and free version of Zone Alarm before, and I can say it has a less intrusive and annoying firewall compared to other similar products which are too sensitive and trigger false positives. The antivirus also works quite well to scan your PC of threats although it’s not the best there is.

Cons: The fire alarm can be set to be more sensitive, but then it gets annoying and will bug you all day long to allow this or that process. It even flag good programs as malicious.

Overall: Zone Alarm Pro set at default values will be beneficial for the security of your PC. I would recommend it for most usual home users. The firewall on its own is free actually and has a solid reputation all these years.


10. BullGuard


Slightly newer to the computer protection market BullGuard, on the scene since 2002, has fast become a viable competitor. With their multi-featured antivirus protection options and range of products offering optimal virus, malware and spyware detection capabilities, this company has quickly made a name for themselves.

Of course, their customer-oriented user interface and desire to meets customer needs and demands escalates both their product and customer service to a top-notch level. For continuous protection, BullGuard has become one the customer prefers in many markets and is a great option to consider.

11. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE Handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries. SAFE will monitor your important folders and block ransom­­ware from encrypting them. Protect your family with one subscription and set healthy boundaries for kids’ device use.

These tools include banking protection for the safest online shopping, and safety tools that are family centered. Another useful feature looking beyond your Windows computer is a locator for the loss of your Android or iOS mobile device, Additionally, if the device can’t be found, there is the option to remotely lock or delete it which at least keeps the data safe.

Review: Expertreviews

The F-Secure Safe interface is clean and clear – and the antivirus suite itself certainly isn’t cluttered with features. Naturally, it’ll watch for viruses, and carry out on-demand scans, but there’s little in the way of secondary functions to discover.

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