Best Apps For Weight Loss

15 Best Apps For Weight Loss

Embark on your weight loss journey with the best apps tailored for success. Explore personalized plans, tracking tools, and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Pandemic weight gain is a real thing. If you have gained weight during Covid-19, then you are not alone. Many people have gained during Covid-19. As normal life of people have been disrupted, many people also discontinued their daily workout.

We have selected 15 apps for weight loss that can help you make more informed choices by highlighting your areas where should work on.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal: best apps for weight loss

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet MyFitnessPal has you covered.


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2. Waterlogged


Waterlogged provides personalized charts and reminders to help you stay healthy and hydrated. Users can easily view their progress in meeting daily water drinking goals and customize the app based on the size and type of glass or water bottle.


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3. Talkspace


Talkspace is the most convenient and affordable way to improve your mental health. Get matched with a licensed therapist in your state from the comfort of your device, and message via text, audio, and video.

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4. Fooducate


Lose weight and keep it off. Eat tasty, healthy, real food. Track your calories, macros, and workouts. Get motivation from the most supportive community in the world.

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5. Cronometer


Cronometer is the most accurate, comprehensive nutrition tracker on the market. Whether you’re doing keto, vegan, paleo, or a restrictive diet set by your doctor, Cronometer can support you!

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6. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

Brought to you by New York Times bestselling author Angela Liddon, The Oh She Glows Recipe App features the most popular fan-favorite plant-based recipes from the award-winning recipe blog, and stunning, vibrant food photography for every recipe. Angela has been creating healthy, veggie-packed recipes for almost 9 years, and she only shares recipes that are hits with her family, friends, and recipe testers, so you can be confident that the recipes in this collection will win over even the biggest skeptic.


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7. 30 Whole Days

30 Whole Days

This 30 day whole eating challenge will help you reach whatever your whole food eating needs may be. Make ingredient searching easy! This app allows you to enter packaged foods at the grocery store and it will tell you if it is compliant or not. No more searching through the labels!

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8. KetoDiet


Keto Diet is not just about losing weight at any cost; it’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Apart from reducing your carbohydrate intake, you will learn why it’s important to follow a whole foods based approach and include healthy fat sources like olive oil, fatty fish and pastured meat in your everyday diet.

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9. Lose It

Lose It

Lose It! is a calorie counting app that helps you reach your weight loss goal. Simply download the app, set your goals, and track your foods and exercises to lose weight.

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10. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Relax, sleep better and wake up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, the smart alarm clock. Track sleep from bedtime to morning, and get detailed analysis with the app that makes waking up in the morning just that bit easier.

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11. Aaptiv

Sleep Cycle

Aaptiv lets you workout when you want, where you want, the way you want. Get unlimited access to audio fitness classes led by certified personal trainers.

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12. Noom


So, at the core of your Noom journey is our psychology-based weight loss course, a series of 10 mini-courses that you can complete at your own pace. Every mini-course will help you gain specific knowledge, tools, and skills that will help you change your habits, lose weight, and make progress far beyond the scale.

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13. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

Discover the diet app that takes care of what the other apps don’t. MyNetDiary – sleek, smart, simple. It’s the most personal weight-loss, diet, and nutrition assistant.


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14. Pacer Pedometer

Pacer Pedometer

Pacer is like having a walking buddy and health coach in one app. You can track all your activities in one beautifully intuitive interface. And you’ll get motivation and support from our amazing Pacer community. Pacer’s fun challenges, amazing data insights, outdoor routes, personalized fitness plans and guided workouts will help you achieve your unique fitness goals.

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15. Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight

As the name indicates, you will be able to enter your weight on a regular basis and monitor your progress accordingly through means of statistics and graphs. You may also enter and track multiple profiles as well – monitor the progress of your family members, spouse, friends, colleagues – or simply create more than 1 profile for yourself to set partial targets until you reach your ultimate goal.

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