Best Canva Alternatives For Easy Graphic Designing

Best Canva Alternatives For Easy Graphic Designing

All businesses need good quality digital content to share on their social media pages as well as on their websites.

Imagery, eye catchy texts and videos are a great way to capture an audience’s attention. There are a bunch of easy graphic design alternatives that even non-designers can use for their digital content.

Overview of Canvas

Defining Canvas as a great online graphic designing tool is the simplest way to put it. It is one of the most popular platforms used by millions of users to create social media posts, social media stories, business presentations, letters, and much more.

It has a multi-purpose functionality and doesn’t fail to impress anyone who has good designer instincts in them.

Even if you are only getting started with graphic design or don’t even belong to this field and only need to create digital content for your business, Canvas is a go-to tool.

Here are some noteworthy features you will find with Canva:

Text Animations

It’s very eye catchy to have animated texts on images. This catches the audience’s attention and makes information precise and targeted.

Academic And Business Presentation Templates

There are a bunch of customizable and editable presentation templates that you can use. These will definitely make your presentation more impactful and well-designed, without requiring much designing skills.

Teams For Collaborative Work

You can add your team mates who are working on a project with you. You can also add your clients on teams, so that they can remain up to date with your design process, and make suggestions in real time.

Photo Effects And Editing

If you want a quick photo editing solution, then Canva is the one for you. It has simple editing features like straightening photos, adding effects and texture to the image. You can also add texts, create photo collages and add free stickers too.

Background Removal

Background removal is a pro feature using which you can just simply click and select portions of a picture that need to be removed. This process is complicated on software like Photoshop. Canva makes removing a picture’s background extremely quick and easy.

Social Media Scheduling

This feature is for pro users where you can schedule what post goes next on your social media. This is ideal for small scale businesses who don’t want to hire a social media manager to save costs.

You will need to integrate Canva with your social media handle to schedule all the posts. Make sure you are equipped with good internet like Spectrum internet plans to ensure your schedules are updated and right on time always.

Plans: it has a free version that gives you access to limited features. With Canva pro, you get all extra ordinary features at the cost of $12.99/mo. It also offers a free trial period.

Alternatives to Canva

While Canva itself is a great platform, there are many features that are either missing or locked in the paid plans.

Different platforms are good for creating different types of digital content. Make sure to choose graphic design alternatives wisely.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the easiest graphic design DIY tools when compared to other Adobe Suite software like Illustrator. Spark has a bunch of templates that are fully editable, and you can add images, texts and other such elements.

It has easy controls such as easy text resizing, create/add brand logos, and has a much more efficient animation tool compared to Canva.

Spark’s free version will allow you to sync all your images, designs and other projects with the rest of your devices, such as on mobiles and tablets. With the paid version, you can remove Adobe Spark logo from your projects.

2. Visme

If you need to create infographics, presentations and videos for business, then Visme is a great tool for you. It is a very similar tool when compared with Canva, but with over a million stock photos, templates and editable icons.

You get to pick between the basic plan that has limited features, or the Complete Plan that unlocks all functions and features.

The paid plan will cost $15 monthly. It is obviously a slightly more expensive alternative to Canva. Another drawback is that the tool will bill you annually, which means more lump sum amount to be paid.

3. Stencil

For those who have very basic design needs and looking for something easier than Canva, then Stencil is highly recommended. Its most notable feature is the extensions it has for various browsers.

Other than this, Stencil also has a unique collection of versatile quotes that you can add to your designs. It is best for creating motivational posts and for those who use inspirations and ideas from the internet. It is also cheaper than most platforms, and costs only $9 per month.

End Note

All these apps work on various platforms. You can use their web version, which will require a stable internet connection from buytvinternetphone. You can get these apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as for desktops.

Your choice will depend on your convenience and preferences. Paid versions are always a better choice since they offer many more features than the free ones.

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