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30 Best Christmas Songs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

It’s the Christmas season again and definitely a time to celebrate. Mostly starting off with the gifting the occasion becomes extra special when the music comes drifting in.

There are some absolutely stunning songs that fit the mood of the festival and here we share 30 Best Christmas Songs to Get You in the Holiday Spirit.


1. Have Yourself A Little Merry Christmas

Featuring in the movie Meet Me in St Louis the song brings out the essence of Christmas in true sense of the word.


2. Dear Santa Bring Me A Man

Sung by the weather girls the request is rather simple and hope it is fulfilled for each.


3. Calling It Christmas

Sir Elton John and Joss Stone came together to bring about a melody of sorts that left the people groove.


4. Someday At Christmas

Andray Day and Stevie Wonder bring together this modern take on a 1967 record and they want peace all over the world.


5. Peace On Earth

Bing Crosby and David Bowie mold the original with the drummer boy to create an evergreen Christmas classic.


6. Underneath The Tree

This Kelly Clarkson song revels about Love and companionship during Christmas and thus makes to the Christmas songs list.


7. The Twelve Pains Of Christmas

A classic song turned into a humorous rendition this Bob Rivers Christmas song really impresses.


8. Christmas Time Is Here

Performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio this one has peanut and Charlie brown try and find the real meaning of this celebration.


9. Silent Night

The Temptations group is here to bring back childhood memories of Christmas alive through this unique Christmas song for kids.


10. Joy To The World

Whitney Houston and her absolutely stunning voice has the Georgia Mass choir joining in and the song thus ruled the charts for long.


11. The Chipmunks Song

Just as you hear someone scream Alvin loudly this one moves on to a chart-topping number that is essentially foot tapping.


12. Run Rudolph Run

Chuck Berry tries to rein in Santa’s partner in crime Rudolph as it is ready to sprint off with the goodies.


13. Just Like Christmas

Exceptionally in matching with the taste of the season, this song was hailed as being the right kind of religious.


14. River

Joni Mitchell uses tragedy and heartbreak along with the Christmas theme to create a once in a lifetime piece.


15. 2000 Miles

Though the song was sung as a tribute to someone dead it really touches hearts.


16. Santa’s Beard

Slightly off the record, this one talks off when Santa’s beard was tugged by a kid.


17. Hard Candy Christmas

Another tear-jerker this one can make you shed loads of them.


18. Christmas All Over Again

A classic Christmas carol gets a rock makeover.


19. O Holy Night

Martina McBride simply impresses us in her rendition of an age-old Christmas Carol.


20. White Christmas

This was Bing Crosby’s attempt to soothe the mood of the grieving families of soldiers stationed abroad.


21. The Christmas Song

Nat King Cole uses some really delicious lyrics to bring out the foodie in you.


22. Christmas Lights

Released in 2015 this one is a melancholy take on the festivities and might just make you a little sad.


23. All alone On Christmas

Featuring on Home Alone 2 has a soulful voice and a jingle bell band to support.


24. Pretty Paper

No Christmas without gifts and no gifts without gift wrapping paper and this song is dedicated to that.


25. This Christmas

The Donny Hathaway Christmas anthem literally gets you dancing with its beats, notes, and tune.


26. Blue Christmas

An Elvis Presley song released in 1957 this one still finds takers.


27. Christmas Makes Me Cry

Though this is a season to be happy the song by Kacy Musgraves does just the opposite.


28. White Christmas

This song by the band Drifters matches their soulful voice to amazing beats.


29. Rudolph The Red – Nosed Reindeer

Gene Autrey performs a vintage version of this evergreen classic.


30. Last Christmas

George Michael brings a tale of sadness along with mixing it with the celebrations of the festive season. Some Pentatonix Christmas songs have derived their inspiration from this one.


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