5 Best Cloud Backup Services For Business 2019

As technology swiftly advances, business owners are busy looking for more ways to reduce the reliance on local storage hardware and devices. The prominence of cloud services today in undeniable. People are now backing up all their information and trusting cloud storage services to secure their databases over the internet.

Even so, there are numerous of cloud backup service to choose from, which can be overwhelming for a new business owner looking into an alternative to consider. It is not to mean that all cloud backup services are perfect, but there are a franchise of the very best you could choose from in the market:

1. IDrive

IDrive Cloud Backup Services

If you are looking for a fast, yet easy to use cloud service, then the iDrive is one to consider. The iDrive is a perfect solution to sync your data on all your network drives. It has an easy to use web interface that allows sharing of files and information through Facebook, Twitter, and even Email.

Unlike with some cloud services, even though you have synced all the data in your different devices, files deleted from your desktop or laptop are not automatically deleted from the server.

With that, it is a lot easier to recover files and folders. Ideally, the cloud service stores up to 30 previous versions of a piece of work. In an instance you changed things up and saved them but want to keep the older format, you can easily recover them with the iDrive.

The best part is that there is a business plan with needed support and priority offers like unlimited user use, server backup and single-sign-on.


2. OneDrive

OneDrive Cloud Backup Services

The OneDrive is a cloud backup solution best suited for small businesses that use Microsoft and Windows because of its great affiliation with other Microsoft products.

The cloud solution that can cmforably allow the editing f files online without having to download them, comes with a limitation of 5GB free storage space. This is the reason the solution is more suited for small businesses that do not have huge data growths and space demands.

The OneDrive cloud solution is integrated into Windows 10, and does not demand to be downloaded or installed, which is even more convenient for business startups. The good news however, is that as you experience data growth, you can upgrade to the premium version for up to 5TB.

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3. ICloud

ICloud Cloud Backup Services

The iCloud is a storage locker for Apple platforms. Like OneDrive, it only offers 5GB free storage, with an allowance to upgrade to a premium plan of up to 2TB. It you are a business owner who fancies Apple products, then you need a cloud solution that has a tight integration with Apple gadgets.

Even though you may presume this to be a pricy option for such a small storage space, if you consider the rivals of iCloud, you will realize that it is a very reasonably priced cloud solution.

A lot of the Mac applications are also integrated in the iCloud, allowing you to store files and folders as per your preferences. An example is the Mac Finder. Further, any items you create n the iWork get automatically saved in the iCoud Drive, and you can quickly access the iWork applications on the iCloud website.


4. Google Drive

Google Drive Cloud Backup Services

Google Drive is quite a popular heavyweight cloud service solution offered by Google. Its direct affiliation with Google makes it one of the smartest options, more especially for Google fans and G suite users. Perhaps the best bit about this cloud solution is the fact that is has a generous provision of free storage space (15GB) for its users.

More often than not, Google Drive is the option of choice for most android users because the Android smart phones are already integrated to this cloud service.

The much appraised Google Drive does come with some down sides, the main one being that its user face is not entirely user friendly, particularly for first time users. However, with a little earning and experience, it becomes one of the best cloud solutions you could ever consider.

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5. Ottomatik

Ottomatik Cloud Backup Services

If you have been looking for a convenient backup method for your SQL databases, consider the Ottomatik.io offering MySQL backups. The cloud solution offers more than just storage space, but rather a flexible scheduling for your database uploads, along with encryption options for sensitive data, and unlimited servers you can work with on your account.

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