Best Gaming Mice To Buy In 2020

Top 5 Best Gaming Mice To Buy In 2020

The gaming mouse is an essential piece for any PC player and although they all look the same, they are not. That’s why we have gathered here the best mice you can buy in 2020.

Price, design, accuracy, comfort, and turnaround time are key elements in deciding the best purchase to make.

First you need to define the budget available for the purchase of the equipment. Several different price options are available in stores.

The variety of this type of product is wide, there are mice for very specific needs, so just like betting on basketball on, you should trust the expert predictions.

Obviously, you need to understand some technical aspects that will influence your daily use. So here is our review of 5 gaming mice that could make your gaming experience better.

Best Gaming Mice To Buy In 2020

1. SteelSeries Rival 110

The operating system has been upgraded, including RGB illumination and six buttons, which are great options for a budget purchase.

With a high-precision optical sensor, TrueMove1 is a more affordable alternative to top SteelSeries models. The sensor is amazingly good for the price. It is one of the best gaming mice in price / quality on the market.

With SteelSeries Engine software, you can customize DPI, color, acceleration and more. The program is simple to use, thus you will be able to understand and customize.

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer’s DeathAdder Elite has topped our rankings. It is extremely accurate, has impeccable construction and a high level of customization. It is considered by many, today, the best gamming mouse in the world.

The construction needs no additional comments, it is very well finished and the body robust. It is certainly a mouse that will last a long time. It is most suitable for those who have palm or claw footprint.

Sensitivity is editable in a range from 400 to 16000 DPI. It has the most advanced optical sensor on the planet and is one of the most used mice by FPS professionals.

If you are looking for the best CS GO mouse, this may be the one! The main downside of the model is the price. We can say it is worth the price, but we know that many players cannot afford this mouse.

3. Logitech G502

The dispute between Logitech and Razer in the field of gaming mice prevails, but both brands have incredible options. The G502 was our pick among Logitech options!

It’s also very accurate and has even more editable button options. In this particular model, it is possible to edit the sensitivity between 200 and 12000DPI.

Many players prefer heavier mice, this may be a good option since it comes with accessories to increase and decrease the weight of the equipment.

This device has 11 different buttons, a universal footprint and weighs 121g and although it is a bit cheaper than the first on the list, it cannot be considered cheap either.

4. HyperX Pulsefire FPS

Our top choice of cost-effective mouse gamer was HyperX Pulsefire FPS. This is a professional grade mouse that is more affordable at this price level. It is extremely accurate and has first class construction.

The HyperX brand bumps against the giants Razer and Logitech in terms of quality and offers products with very attractive prices.

Despite being a gamming mouse focused on FPS games, it can generate excellent performances in any type of game.
The mouse has 6 buttons, a universal footprint and weighs 95g. On the other hand, it has a higher size, so it may not be a good choice for those with smaller hands.

Anyway, the Pulsefire FPS is by far the gamer mouse that most delivers for the price today. If you want a top-notch mouse and can’t afford much, this is the model for you.

5. Fortrek Pro M7

For those who want to invest even less but are looking for a mouse that outperforms ordinary office models, we recommend the Fortrek Pro M7.

The Chinese brand focuses on low-cost products and offers very interesting products for this audience. In addition to mice, Fortrek has good options for mechanical keyboards and gamming headsets.

The Pro M7 has very satisfactory performance and a good level of customization. The construction is average, not bad, but well below all other brand models.

The mouse has 7 buttons, universal grip and weighs 135g, although with its attractive price, the Fortrek Pro M7 turns out to be a very suitable option for some consumers. If you don’t need professional performance and want to pay very little!

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