Best Hidden Spy Apps

7 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

The spy market has tens of spy applications. Most of these will require you to install them on the target’s phone. However good such an app may be, there are chances of the target realizing he’s being trailed. Once an individual finds out you’re trailing him/her, he/she may decide to take action. To avoid such, it is safer to use hidden spy apps.

The best spy apps allow you to follow your target without a trail. In the end, you will get whatever you’re looking for without having to access their phones. Spying is easy if you have the right spy app. The biggest challenge is in finding the best spy apps for android and iPhones. Below are some of the spy apps you could make use of.

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Spy Apps

Below are some of the most discrete spy apps you’ll ever find.

1. mSpy

It is arguably one of the best spy applications available in the market today. You could use this app to monitor the mobile activity of a cheating partner or a stubborn child. Other than track direction using the GPS location, you can see what your partner does with their social media.

The rise in cyber bullying might be another push factor for the usage of this application. The keylogger function allows you to have a snip look at the sites your baby has bookmarked. Besides, you can monitor what they do online and in case they are being exploited by others. Most mSpy reviews indicate this application has been helpful in the fight against child exploitation online and cyber-bullying.

The app is easy to install and use. Besides, you don’t have to route to access all the advanced features. Their plans are affordable and come after a 7-day free trial before payment commences. You do not need any form of expertise to use the application. This makes it user friendly and convenient.

2. uMobix

This is a recently launched app and is proving effective too. It’s one of the best spy apps. Just like mSpy, you also get great services offered by this application. The platform lets you monitor all the activities your target engages in using his/her phone. Whether you are an Android fanatic or are using an iPhone, this is a solution for you. It is compatible with the most common operating systems.


This is another amazing spying application. There’s much you can do with this platform. For instance, assuming you want to catch your cheating partner and they are fond of lying, you could use this application to record evidence. The app lets you see and hear all your target is doing. You could control the target’s camera using your phone and even record videos of the surrounding.

4. Spyic

Using this spy app, you can record all that’s being typed on the phone and keep track of the browser history of your target. It’s possible to do this without rooting but even better after rooting. It will yield better results for you. Today, children are victims of exploitation and their phones expose them more. It becomes easier to protect them by having access to what they’re exposed to via their phones.

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch has very affordable rates to choose from. Besides, the service you receive is of high quality as you get all the details you want from your target. The hidden spy app is hard to detect. This hidden nature allows you to spy on your target without them realizing it. It is one of the best spy apps for android.

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6. Cocospy

When a partner, child, or employee finds out you’re spying on them, they may change their behavior or set up strong security features to block you from spying on them. You can avoid this by using a hidden spy app. The Cocospy is that application. It comes with special features you will love.

7. iKeymonitor

Most spy apps share features. One common feature is the key logger. These features ensure your spy app is effective and works well. Now, the iKeymonitor has additional and unique features that make it a spy app to choose from. It helps you monitor the actions of your target to the latter. That way you’re able to act fast.

Best Spy Apps Reviews

There are endless online reviews in regards to spy apps. A product description is enough to convince you of the usage of a particular app. You should also look at what others who’ve used the same application say about that app. In most cases, their best spy app for iPhones and android reviews are true. Your decision to follow these reviews may determine whether you achieve your spying objectives or not.

Mspy reviews make the bulk of online reviews about spy apps. We’ve had bosses compliment the app on how it helped them supervise their teams better. Other mSpy reviews are appreciating their lite version of the application. It is faster and effective. Besides, it mostly goes undetected making it more efficient.

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Spy apps are a good way to take care of your insecurities. Perhaps your partner is cheating, or child is facing exploitation, or, your staff is doing their things. The right spy apps will help you have a copy of what’s going on. The above list has seven hidden spy apps you can use.

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