50 Best JFK Quotes Of All Time

1. The Greater Our Knowledge Increases The More Our Ignorance Unfolds. – John F. Kennedy

knowledge - JFK Quotes


2. If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When? – John F. Kennedy


3. Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try. – John F. Kennedy


4. Those Who Dare To Fail Miserably Can Achieve Greatly. – John F. Kennedy


5. Life Is Never Easy. There Is Work To Be Done And Obligations To Be Met— Obligations To Truth, To Justice, And To Liberty. – John F. Kennedy

life never easy


6. We Have The Power To Make This The Best Generation Of Mankind In The History Of The World Or Make It The Last. – John F. Kennedy


7. There Are Risks And Costs To Action. But They Are Far Less Than The Long-Range Risks Of Comfortable Inaction.


8. We Must Use Time As A Tool, Not As A Couch.


9. Things Do Not Happen. Things Are Made To Happen.


10. Conformity Is The Jailer Of Freedom And The Enemy Of Growth.

freedom - JFK Quotes

11. Forgive Your Enemies, But Never Forget Their Names.


12. The One Unchangeable Certainty Is That Nothing Is Unchangeable Or Certain.


13. Modern Cynics And Skeptics… See No Harm In Paying Those To Whom They Entrust The Minds Of Their Children A Smaller Wage Than Is Paid To Those To Whom They Entrust The Care Of Their Plumbing.


14. World Peace, Like Community Peace, Does Not Require That Each Man Love His Neighbour – It Requires Only That They Live Together With Mutual Tolerance, Submitting Their Disputes To A Just And Peaceful Settlement.


15. Change Is The Law Of Life. And Those Who Look Only To The Past Or Present Are Certain To Miss The Future.

Law Of Life


16. Our Progress As A Nation Can Be No Swifter Than Our Progress In Education. The Human Mind Is Our Fundamental Resource.


17. There Are Risks And Costs To Action. But They Are Far Less Than The Long Range Risks Of Comfortable Inaction


18. We Are Tied To The Ocean. And When We Go Back To The Sea, Whether It Is To Sail Or To Watch – We Are Going Back From Whence We Came.


19. Let Us Not Seek The Republican Answer Or The Democratic Answer, But The Right Answer. Let Us Not Seek To Fix The Blame For The Past. Let Us Accept Our Own Responsibility For The Future.


20. The Cost Of Freedom Is Always High, But Americans Have Always Paid It. And One Path We Shall Never Choose, And That Is The Path Of Surrender, Or Submission.

cost of freedom

21. When Power Leads Man Toward Arrogance, Poetry Reminds Him Of His Limitations. When Power Narrows The Area Of Man’s Concern, Poetry Reminds Him Of The Richness And Diversity Of Existence. When Power Corrupts, Poetry Cleanses.


22. Physical Fitness Is Not Only One Of The Most Important Keys To A Healthy Body, It Is The Basis Of Dynamic And Creative Intellectual Activity.


23. Let Every Nation Know, Whether It Wishes Us Well Or Ill, That We Shall Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, Meet Any Hardship, Support Any Friend, Oppose Any Foe To Assure The Survival And The Success Of Liberty.


24. The Great Enemy Of The Truth Is Very Often Not The Lie, Deliberate, Contrived And Dishonest, But The Myth, Persistent, Persuasive And Unrealistic.


25. Geography Has Made Us Neighbors. History Has Made Us Friends. Economics Has Made Us Partners, And Necessity Has Made Us Allies. Those Whom God Has So Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder.

Geography Neighbors


26. A Young Man Who Does Not Have What It Takes To Perform Military Service Is Not Likely To Have What It Takes To Make A Living. Today’s Military Rejects Include Tomorrow’s Hard-core Unemployed.


27. In A Very Real Sense, It Will Not Be One Man Going To The Moon It Will Be An Entire Nation. For All Of Us Must Work To Put Him There.


28. Do You Realize The Responsibility I Carry? I’m The Only Person Standing Between Richard Nixon And The White House


29. Let The Word Go Forth From This Time And Place, To Friend And Foe Alike, That The Torch Has Been Passed To A New Generation Of Americans – Born In This Century, Tempered By War, Disciplined By A Hard And Bitter Peace.


30. Sure It’s A Big Job But I Don’t Know Anyone Who Can Do It Better Than I Can.

Big Job - JFK Quotes


31. Peace Is A Daily, A Weekly, A Monthly Process, Gradually Changing Opinions, Slowly Eroding Old Barriers, Quietly Building New Structures.


32. We Are Not Afraid To Entrust The American People With Unpleasant Facts, Foreign Ideas, Alien Philosophies, And Competitive Values. For A Nation That Is Afraid To Let Its People Judge The Truth And Falsehood In An Open Market Is A Nation That Is Afraid Of Its People.


33. I Hope That No American Will Waste His Franchise And Throw Away His Vote By Voting Either For Me Or Against Me Solely On Account Of My Religious Affiliation. It Is Not Relevant.


34. The Problems Of The World Cannot Possibly Be Solved By Skeptics Or Cynics Whose Horizons Are Limited By The Obvious Realities. We Need Men Who Can Dream Of Things That Never Were.


35. Mothers All Want Their Sons To Grow Up To Be President, But They Don’t Want Them To Become Politicians In The Process.

 Mothers Their Sons To Grow Up - JFK Quotes


36. We Have The Power To Make This The Best Generation Of Mankind In The History Of The World Or To Make It The Last.


37. There Is Always Inequality In Life. Some Men Are Killed In A War And Some Men Are Wounded And Some Men Never Leave The Country. Life Is Unfair.


38. It Might Be Said Now That I Have The Best Of Both Worlds. A Harvard Education And A Yale Degree.


39. The Courage Of Life Is Often A Less Dramatic Spectacle Than The Courage Of A Final Moment; But It Is No Less A Magnificent Mixture Of Triumph And Tragedy.


40. It Is An Unfortunate Fact That We Can Secure Peace Only By Preparing For War.

Preparing For War - JFK Quotes


41. We Believe That If Men Have The Talent To Invent New Machines That Put Men Out Of Work, They Have The Talent To Put Those Men Back To Work.


42. We Must Use Time As A Tool, Not As A Couch.


43. Mankind Must Put An End To War Before War Puts An End To Mankind.


44. The Human Mind Is Our Fundamental Resource.


45. History Is A Relentless Master. It Has No Present, Only The Past Rushing Into The Future. To Try To Hold Fast Is To Be Swept Aside.

History Is A Relentless Master. It Has No Present Preparing For War - JFK Quotes


46. In A Time Of Domestic Crisis, Men Of Goodwill And Generosity Should Be Able To Unite Regardless Of Party Or Politics.


47. When Written In Chinese, The Word ‘crisis’ Is Composed Of Two Characters. One Represents Danger And The Other Represents Opportunity.


48.The United States Has To Move Very Fast To Even Stand Still.


49. There Are Many People In The World Who Really Don’t Understand-or Say They Don’t-what Is The Great Issue Between The Free World And The Communist World. Let Them Come To Berlin!


50. No One Has Been Barred On Account Of His Race From Fighting Or Dying For America, There Are No White Or Colored Signs On The Foxholes Or Graveyards Of Battle.

Race From Fighting Or Dying - JFK Quotes


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