Best Online Slots for Amateurs

14 Best Online Slots For Amateurs

Best Online Slots for Amateurs

With the advancements in mobile technologies, online gambling has seen a rapid surge in its user base. People of diverse age and income groups have traditionally enjoyed gambling. The number has been rising rapidly as the user mobile data prices went down globally, and with the advancement in the mobile world, online gambling became easier.

We have listed many enjoyable online slots with no download for the players. Before playing them, the punters would definitely want to take a look at the best online slots for amateurs. Here are our handpicked top casino slots that even new players could enjoy with ease.

1. Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Back in our childhood days, we all had an inner detective inside us. This slot machine invokes the same old detective spirit within us to solve a crime. Apart from brilliant graphics and captivating music, this game features four bonus rewards and whopping multiplier jackpots. This 40-playline machine comes with a gamble feature as well.

2. Archangel Salvation

Archangel Salvation

Will you fight for justice or will the dark forces of evil succeed in capturing your soul and will make you an eternal part of their army? Being one of the best of Bally slot machines, this fantasy-themed slot machine comes with 100 playlines, and at the core of it lies an ancient battle between angels and demons.

If that has not captured your imagination, let us tell you that there are plenty of free spins on the offer as well. Which you can find among the free Bally slots.

3. Cash Camel

Cash Camel

You must have heard of the fables of Arabian Nights, where the animals talked, and the deserts were filled with mysterious treasure chests. The classic Arabian Night stories have been twisted to present you with an entertaining slot machine with plenty of rewards.

There are two bonus modes and 10 free spins that can be triggered by the happy camel himself. The snake is the highest paying symbol and keep your eyes open for the cactus that acts as a wild card.

4. Legend of the Jaguar

Legend of the Jaguar

It is the perfect slot machine for the wealth hoarders as an ancient treasure chest has been unlocked in an old temple.

The special features of this machine are:

  1. It is a 5-reel slot jam-packed with 243 playlines.
  2. The machine is filled with cascading multiplier rewards and bonus rounds.
  3. Wild card is present to transform any other symbol, if it leads to a winning combination.

The ancient temple of the deity is well guarded by the jaguar. The jaguar not only acts as a watchful protector, it also showers those who bow before it with ample respins.

5. Monkey Prince

Monkey Prince

Monkey Prince is the story of a young prince who has been given the responsibility of saving his kingdom from foreign hoarders. With 5 reels and 60 playlines, the game offers a lucrative RTP of 96.5% for the punters.

This animal-themed title comes with lots of wilds, and the players can unlock 50 free spins. Further to their amazement, these spins can be retriggered by them. Hence, the punters have an unlimited supply of free spins available for themselves.

6. Age of Egypt

Age of Egypt

Egypt has been the land of wonders. It has been called the cradle of ancient civilizations by many scholars. This slot machine explores the richness and wonders of the ancient Egyptian lands.

Filled with symbols ranging from Pharaoh to the Cat Goddess, this machine offers an insight into the glorious civilization. It also rewards the players for their inquisitiveness by offering plenty of free spins. It is one of the simplest games for beginners.

7. Hula Hula Night

Hula Hula Night

It is essentially a slot that describes the beauty of Hula and the luxuries offered for those who visit it. There are many seductive girls in the machine. The blonde-haired girl acts as the wild as she takes the players for a ride in the game.

It’s a simple game with plenty of free spins available to be grabbed by the players. The punters have also been given a choice to activate as many lines as they would like to.

8. Wacky Races

Wacky Races

In the first instance, Wacky Races looks like a retro-themed slot machine that belongs to brick and mortar casinos. However, do not be deceived by its simplicity as it has everything that makes a modern machine. It comes with free spins that can sometimes be as large as 200. On top of that, the game has 10 amazing bonus modes for punters.

9. Lucky 3

Lucky 3

After reading about so many slots that shower punter with free spins, it might be a little disappointing to know that the Lucky 3 machine does not offer any free spin. It is a 5-reel game having just 5 playlines.

It comes with a bonus mode and the most attractive feature in the game is Big Win Wheel. The multiplier reward available in the game can offer 20x your bet size. It is truly a beginner machine for the punters.

10. Irish Luck

Irish Luck

What is good about some Irish Ale and some good old cookies? If someone tells you that there would be beautifully coloured rainbows and gorgeous girls inviting you to take a walk in the park, would you hesitate even for a moment? These are the exact same that being offered by this slot machine.

11. A Dragon’s Story

A Dragon’s Story

If you have ever thought that all the Dragons are fire breathing beasts, you could not have been more wrong. Meet the cute little red dragon in this slot machine as he learns to use his powers and test the strength of his own wings. He also acts as the wild symbol, and the bonus feature takes you to a fairyland.

12. Twin Spin

Twin Spin

Twin Spin is essentially a Vegas machine, but it is so simple that it can be played even by the newbies with equal ease. This 5-reel game comes with 243 playlines.

Diamonds are truly valuable in this machine as the punters can bag 1000 coins if they are able to score 5 diamond symbols on their reels. The machine does not offer any free spins but is cool enough to have your attention.

13. The Flintstones

The Flintstones

Warning! If you play this machine, you are bound to become nostalgic about your own childhood days. It has got 5 reels, and with 1024 playlines the children’s city has been turned into a casino. There are plenty of free spins for the gamblers who play with some patience. The Great Gazoo acts as the wild card, and Wilma unlocks free spins.

14. Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me

Are you ready to be Dazzled by the glory of the shining diamond? This brilliant slot machine has 20 playlines scattered over 5 reels. There are many other precious gemstones in this machine that are not only high-value symbols but also act as a gateway for free spins.


Online slot gambling is a fun-filled entertainment destination. These slot machines offer quality time with minimal risk. It is for these reasons that online slot betting has seen a continuous rise in the European countries. Forbes has presented a detailed report about how the betting industry has been on a continuous rise in recent years.

We truly hope that this list of online gambling slots for newbies would help the players at the beginning of their betting career. Before we wrap it up, we would like to advise our players to take it slow in the beginning. With some caution and some luck, punters would have a fairly successful career.

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