The deals are so exquisite that we often end up buying more than what we intended to do. Here we tell you the top 20 best online shopping sites for the festive season

Top 20 Best Online Shopping Sites For Festive Season

We all await the festive season with anticipation. This is not only because we get time to spend with our family and celebrate the occasion. It is also because there are multiple deals available in shopping sites and we can really splurge to our heart’s content.

The deals are so exquisite that we often end up buying more than what we intended to do. Here we tell you the top 20 best online shopping sites for the festive season.


Probably the leader in this category Amazon has been enthralling the customers since it was launched in 1996. Every item from books to furniture is worth a look and during the festivities you manage to get some really cool deals on them.

If you sign up for their Prime membership you get a chance to stream movies and  music plus two-day shipping all over the USA.


Though it has been around since 1998 its focus is slightly different. You get to interact directly with sellers and buy and sell your products with convenience.

They offer the price match guarantee which means that you get a chance to receive the best price for the product you are looking to find. Dealing in different kinds of products their electronics items are an absolute steal.


If you wish to buy or sell any item and that too within your locality this is the best resource to look into. Launched in 1996 slowly it eliminated the habit of publishing newspapers classified and took over that area.

Listings are posted according to a region or community and searching around is easy too. Buy some budgeted stuff all within your neighborhood.


Your favorite retail store is a hit online as well. In the festive season, this becomes one of the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing. Though the online operations started in the year 2000 the retail giant has been operational long before that.

They know what kinds of deals people look out for at that time and hence are more than happy to oblige.


This site is a different kind of platform. It gives artisans and craftsmen a one- stop place to put their wares for display. If you are looking to buy something in this category you can turn to this website.

You get to browse and pick up vintage gifts, handmade creations and exclusive gifts and the range offered are immense.

6. Home Depot

The festive season is also the time when you want to renovate your home and what better way to do it then by shopping at Home depot. You can choose from the smallest item to bulky furniture and they shall be promptly delivered at your home within no time.


Target may have had its brick and mortar stores but they did not open their online store until 1999. They have always provided the coolest deals during the festive season and the same is applied online as well.

They have even been awarded for their mobile app and their digital coupon app cartwheel is a huge success too.


Founded in 2000 offers you Chinese products at reasonable rates. The range of products offered is very vast and though they are from China you can manage to get some good deals. You have to log in and sign up in order to be able to browse the products available.


For those who are looking for electronics stuff this is one of the few online  shopping sites that are particularly into this segment. Launched in 1998 the website went through a total change in 2004.

There are multiple electronics categories to choose from and their Geek squad repairs your items for you.


It was launched with the aim of connecting Chinese manufacturers to customers all  over the world. Their strategy has by far been successful and you can get electronics, clothing and home and garden supplies all at reasonable and wholesale prices.

11. All Saints

Providing deals on a regular basis this store is your shop for everything quirky. From ruched dresses to flowery tops for women to structured shirts, there is something for everyone. Again dealing in different items related to fashion the place has some amazing accessories.

12. American Eagle

As such they are a Jeans brand but you can also shop for other items there. Figure flattering jeans and a variety of suitable accessories make up for your entire festive shopping. You can choose from different types of jeans if nothing else suits your taste.

13. Athleta

Though more of an Athleisure brand this one provides you easy to wear and comfortable clothing. You can get plus sizes also along with some really fab stuff  for petite girls.

14. Fashion Nova

Have a budget to maintain this is the place you should be at. Curvy sizes and affordable prices make shopping at this website an absolute delight. Replicas of designer wear find a prominent place here.

15. J.Crew

Clean looks for the entire family is what the website offers to you. The best is that there is clothing in different price ranges and for the entire family at one place itself.

16. Lululemon

Another famous Athleisure brand, this one has really body-flattering leggings for you to choose from. You can easily pick up work out pieces that can be used at other places too.

The prices too remain moderate and the variety is immensely allowing you to splurge on the same.

17. Uniqlo

Simple and comfy dresses are what you can buy from Uniqlo. Soft t-shirts, Jeanswear, and active wear make up for most of the catalogue that they offer. This brand also has on display some celebrity inspired dresses and guest designer dresses that would simply make it an extraordinary choice for you.

If you become a member of the club you can enjoy some promotions and deals as well.

18. Barneys

You must visit the store for some luxury kind of shopping. Having loads of top designers on display you really get spoilt for choice. You are given 10% off on your first purchase. Also if you visit their sale section you might actually get stuff at nearly 75% off which can be a delight for anyone.

19. Kohl’s

This is a place where you get just about everything. In fact, Kohl’s is a total package and you can pick up dresses, home goods, shoes, furniture, and other items.

You can even earn Kohl’s cash which can be utilized later for purchasing stuff. Free shipping is provided on orders above $75 and the items are all high quality.

20. Macy’s

A popular retail store otherwise Macy’s website also has something amazing to  offer. The deals perk up at the festive time and your choice becomes vast. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Nike are then offered at low prices.

The frequent sales offered make it a real pleasure to shop on the website.


With the festive season around the corner loosen your purses and start shopping. If you are lucky enough you might get some jaw-dropping deals at all the websites mentioned above.

With an amazing collection on display it is smooth sailing for the customers who get more than what they were expecting to find.

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