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3 Best SD Cards Suppliers From China

Having a backup for important data from your digital devices is very important. Since in this digitalized world, data is one of the most things that people have.

Losing data can cost you a lot. You can lose your important customers, clients, and your hard work can go in vain. But how to ensure that your data is stored well?

There are hundreds of storage devices available in the market. And one of these storage devices is the SD card.

Sd card is a non-volatile storage device that can store your data in an easy way. The data stored in an SD card is not threatened even due to the loss of power sources. The SD cards are very small and compact, but they have huge storage capacities.

They can easily fit in the memory slot of different devices like laptops, mobile phones as well as the camera.

Another major advantage of the SD card is that they are cost-effective. Thus these mini cards can help you save important data without costing you too much.

But buying an SD card from a good manufacturer can be a daunting task.

China has more than thousands of SD card manufacturers and suppliers who supply SD cards all over the world.
Some of them are:


Best SD Cards

This is an online wholesale shopping platform for all kinds of SD cards. This website offers great access to all kinds of customized orders.

They offer the best quality, high-speed SD cards for all kinds of devices, including mobile phones and cameras.

They have a total of 7 production lines, completely dedicated to the production of SD cards. The best part about buying an SD card from is that they offer a 5 year guarantee on the product.
You should choose for following reasons:

  • They offer different discounts right from the factory supply
  • They also free samples for the wholesalers or retailers
  • They offer free shipping services
  • They also have provision for 24*7 services for any kind of consumer queries.
  • They focus on 100% customer satisfaction
  • They have provisions for bulk supply of the SD card.
  • They have SD cards from all ranges and different capacities

So trust, if you want your data to be safe and stored for a long time.

2. Santoda Technology Company Ltd.

SD Cards Suppliers

This company offers an SD card of different capacities that starts with 1GB and goes up to 32GB. The SD card they offer is waterproof, pressure-proof, anti-magnetic, and eco-friendly.

Most of the SD cards that they sell are through wholesale. And you can get an amazing deal if you buy an SD card from Santoda Technology Ltd.

The storage card that they send is customized packed in leather cases and metal boxes. So you don’t have to worry about the packaging issues. You should choose Santoda Technology to buy SD card because of the following reasons:

  • They offer grade-A SD card.
  • The prices that they offer are affordable and will fit all kinds of budget.
  • Santoda Technology also ensures that they provide you the quick and smooth delivery of the SD card you have ordered.
  • They also ensure bulk packages and shipment to ensure safe and smart transportation
  • Whenever you have any issues regarding your order, they provide a quick solution to your queries.
  • Santoda is a reliable company offering great quality SD cards at an affordable price.
  • You won’t regret buying good quality SD cards from Santoda.

3. Shenzhen Vision Electronics Ltd.

Best SD Cards Suppliers

This company is also one of the best and biggest suppliers as well as manufacturers of SD Cards in China.

They supply their products all over the world at an affordable price. This company is known for their trustworthiness, good quality products, and 100% consumer satisfaction.

If you want to keep your data safely stored for a longer time period, you should always look for Shenzhen Vision Electronics Ltd.

Following are reasons to choose Shenzhen Vision Electronics Ltd:

  • Good quality product
  • Safe delivery of products
  • Warranty for the SD cards.

If you are still confused about choosing the best SD Card suppliers from china, you should look at the following qualities in an SD card manufacturers:

  • They should deliver what they have promised. For example, if they have promised to give 8GB storage space, they should at least provide 7GB actual space.
  • They should provide quality delivery services. As a good delivery system will help you get the product delivery on time
  • A good SD card manufacturer will also provide you after-sale services in case the customers have any queries or issues.
  • Good packaging of the product is one of the most important criteria that you should look at in a supplier. Good packaging will ensure safe delivery.
  • Affordability is one of the most important criteria to look for when you are buying an SD card.

These are some of the most important criteria you should look for when you are buying an SD card. For your safe data storage, choose any of the above-mentioned SD Card suppliers from China.

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