8 Best Tax Software To Manage Tax Preparation And Complete Taxation

Come tax deadline and we start panicking about how to complete this task on time. Even if we somehow manage to adhere to the same there is always the fear that some error has been committed due to which the entire process has gone waste.

Thankfully technology always comes to our rescue and there are tax software’s available which enlighten us on how to manage our tax preparations. Then again not all software’s are reliable and we cannot get this task allotted to something that is not workable.

Hence we are bringing for you a compilation of 8 best Tax Software to Manage Tax Preparation and Complete Taxation process without any issues.

These software’s are the ones with a limited scope of errors and once you know how to use them you do not need any help to conduct your work smoothly. Also, their instructions are easy to adhere to and you can be sure of getting your task accomplished with care.


1. TaxAct Online

TaxAct Online

You may receive a bonus by putting part of your refund on gift cards from  list of popular retailers. bonus amount depends on refund and gift card choice.

Even if your return is more complex and can’t be completed in 10 minutes, taxact may help you file faster than ever.

Easily import last year’s tax return from turbotax® or h&r block®. plus take a photo of your w-2 with your phone.

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The first thing you will like about this online service is a straightforward and comprehensible interface. On the main page, you will quickly find the product that will match your individual tax situation. 5 packages range from a free of charge version suitable for fairly simple tax needs to different payable versions that include additional options and tools for more complex tax situations.

The only tiny drawback here is that a state tax return is payable for all versions. However, the price is competitive as compared with other similar services.

Once you’ve chosen one of the packages, the filing process won’t take much time. It will remind a kind of an interview where you will have to answer a number of questions to complete a step-by-step query. Some steps will require you to fill in data while other will let you select a response from a number of available options.

The TaxAct will make all the necessary calculations for you, provide certain support at every step, and let you know about any potential problems, if there are any, while you fill in the form. When completed, you’ll be able to e-file or print your tax return and later track its acceptance status on the site.

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2. turbotax intuit

turbotax intuit

When you create or access your turbotax account, additional security features help ensure the security of your account. Securely access your account by entering your password and a unique single–use–code (we’ll send your trusted device or email address) or answer a series of questions.behind the scenes our security specialists work to protect your information.

we safeguard your information by encrypting it when it’s stored in our systems, and, when we electronically send your return to the irs or state agencies, we use SSL encryption that exceeds IRS standards. turbotax security specialists work to protect your personal information through monitoring, internal checks and external tests.

As an industry leader, we continually work with the irs and state department of revenues using a variety of anti-fraud measures to help protect your personal information. together we are raising the bar for detecting suspicious behaviour.

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Review: cnet

Turbo tax by intuit: cd, online, mobile. listed prices range from a free tier for basic returns to $40 for the downloadable basic edition to $90 for self-employed. all packages tack on extra charges of $50 to $70 to add the live cpa feature, and $50 for max. state filings are $20 each for the online versions, and free with the deluxe, premium or home & business download editions. it generally offers the most comprehensive set of tools. a nice feature is charitable donations tracking, whereby you can use the software year-round to keep track of donations and have the program compute your deductions at tax time.

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3. H&R Block

H&R Block

File taxes online and add support from a tax pro at any point throughout the process. No matter how you choose to do your online taxes, it’s easy to get expert guidance along the way.

Connect instantly with a tax pro Show us exactly where you’re stuck Get answers throughout tax prep File taxes online & our most experienced tax pros will review, sign and e-file your return for you. So you can be sure you’re getting every credit, deduction and dollar you deserve.


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Review: Reviews

H&R Block was an easy pick for personalized customer support. When we submitted a request for instant chat, H&R Block was immediately on the line. And even though it took a few minutes to talk to someone on the phone, it was still such a short wait that we didn’t ding the company.

Plus, our customer service representative was kind and patient as they walked us through pricing — without pushing paid options.In addition to Tax Pro Review, H&R Block is rolling out a service called Tax Pro Go, which starts at $60 and matches consumers with a digital tax professional.

Clients simply have to upload their documents, and the professional will take care of the rest. This is more hands-off than the other support options, which mostly offer professional advice while you still complete the filing.

Better still, the return will be sent to clients within five days for approval. The offer sounds tempting — a lot of tax software, including TurboTax, starts around $60, while still requiring you to do most of the heavy lifting.

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4. Free Tax Usa

Free Tax Usa

All of the information entered on the website is encrypted with SSL.software is easy enough for first-time users. We’ll ask you simple questions that guide you through each step of filing your taxes.

We’ll guide you through every area of your taxes and help you get the biggest refund possible.guarantee the biggest refund! If you get a larger refund or smaller tax liability with another online tax software we’ll refund your purchases. We’ll also give you a coupon for a free amended tax return.

If you pay penalties or interest to the IRS or your state of residence because of a calculation error, we’ll pay you the penalties and interest. Your federal tax return and every supported federal form is 100% free. Whether you file a complex or simple federal return, we guarantee your federal return is always free.

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When something is offered for free, most would become suspicious about the product or service quality. Some would start looking for pitfalls while others will simply reject a free option and go for a paid one to avoid the risk of low quality or lacking functionality.

Speaking of online tax preparation services, the majority of them really deliver pretty limited free packages covering only simple and basic needs. Yet, it’s not the case with the FreeTax platform. Unlike other websites, Free Tax provides a free access to filing options covering almost every tax situation. And it’s not a marketing trick or hollow words, the service fully justifies its name and free really means free. See for yourself.

As well as other tax software, Free Tax offers multi-tiered services specifically designed to cover all typical tax situations most Americans would find themselves in. However, while competitors usually provide only a single free package for truly simple tax situations and define an extra charge for each next tier depending on the paperwork engaged, Free Tax provides free returns for complex tax situations as well.

Whether you are a W-2 worker, freelancer or self-employed, a homeowner or investor, you can file your tax return for free. A range of forms and schedules covered by the Free Tax software is truly impressive. These are the forms for all types of personal and business income and for commonly supported deductions and credits with only a short list of non-accepted forms.

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5. Free 1040 Tax Return

Free 1040 Tax Return

We take extreme precautions to ensure the safety and integrity of any data you have stored in our system. with over 1,000,000 returns filed with us, you can take comfort that you are not alone. Fast and easy to complete your return, maximize deductions and credits and securely file it with the irs.

Why wait in line at the post office to mail your return when you can e-file your taxes? designate your bank account for direct deposit of your refund and e-file your return. your refund will be in your bank account in less than 21 days from the date the irs accepts your federal tax return.

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Review: cnet

Free1040TaxReturn: Online only. Listed prices include $30 for each federal or state e-filing, $7 for print-only preparations. Support includes a 24/7 help desk by phone or email. It offers federal and state “audit insurance” for an additional $30 and $20, respectively.

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6. Tax Slayer

Tax Slayer

TaxSlayer allows you to file your taxes on the go from any laptop or mobile device. guarantee you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled or we will refund you the applicable TaxSlayer purchase price paid.

Offer you the option to deduct your TaxSlayer filing fees directly from your federal tax refund. guarantee 100% accurate calculations or we will reimburse you any federal and/or state penalties and interest charges. Everything you need to e-file your return based on your specific tax needs.

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Review: Reviews

Tax Slayer’s new Ultimate package comes with free audit defense for three years, identity protection and restoration charges. This is different from the more common audit support, which only offers assistance in gathering everything you’d need to prepare for an audit.

Audit defence is a more involved process that includes representation in front of the IRS. TaxSlayer offers audit defence with its $57 package, whereas H&R Block’s $50 package only includes audit support.

We found Tax Slayer’s interface to be clean, simple, and fairly flexible. It was easy to move through, fairly modern, and clearly labelled.

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7. Happy Tax Service

Happy Tax Service


The happy tax aims to be the 1 tax filing solution that combines expert cpa tax preparation with a fast, easy, convenient, and secure mobile experience! when you file with happy tax you get a genuinely friendly, high-end concierge service (that just might sweep you off your feet) all while getting the ultimate in expert cpa tax preparation, a 100% guarantee of our work, our free audit department assistance should you ever need it, and completely transparent pricing.

Your days of sitting in a tax office, having your taxes poorly prepared and missing out on getting your maximum refund is over. your happy tax representative will meet you where/when it’s convenient, and you’ll be finished in 15 minutes or less! recognized by Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes, accounting today and other leading publications, a happy tax is quickly becoming a household name. believe that your cost to file your taxes should be transparent from the first step.

No more hidden fees, no upsell just a simple flat rate to get you the maximum legal refund and a professionally prepared tax return. our high performing assembly line model gives you the expert cpa prepared return you deserve, at a fraction of the industry standard cost. with our happy tax guarantee, you’ll enjoy 100% free audit assistance, built-in security, accuracy guarantee, year-round support, and free anytime tax return access.

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Review: cnet

Happy tax service: online or mobile. the most expensive of the bunch, with prices from $100 for a starter package on up to $500 for premium. all versions include one free state filing. it has a franchise network of cpas and eas billed as a “concierge service.” you get an initial meeting in person to complete forms, then a cpa prepares your paperwork and delivers the finished product in 2 hours, on average. it has an extensive selection of packages for cryptocurrency tax filings.

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8. H&R Block Online

H&R Block Online

H&R Block is a well-known brand in personal and business tax preparation. If you want to do your taxes on your own, you can choose between online and downloadable versions of H&R Block’s tax software.

Windows desktop users get the most robust options, including corporation or partnership tax forms and employee-specific tax forms.

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Review: Nerdwallet

H&R Block’s software is a solid contender in the crowded market for tax software, and its network of brick-and-mortar locations offers a warm, fuzzy security blanket.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use, and the free version is one of the best on the market.

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