Choose the Best Wheels for your Longboard - The Ultimately Longboard Wheels Buying Guide

Choose The Best Wheels For Your Longboard – The Ultimately Longboard Wheels Buying Guide

A longboard is made of different components. Wheels are one of the most useful components. Many people don’t give priority to wheels. But choosing appropriate quality wheels are necessary for smooth longboarding.

There are many types of wheels available. Different wheels come with different functions. You have to choose it according to its durability, stability, working surface, size, performance, and others. If you are not an expert it is hard or you to get a quality one.

In this article, I will explain, “How to choose longboard wheels?” So, You can easily find the best longboard wheels at this current time., let’s jump into the main point.

How To Choose Longboard Wheels?

What Type Of Surface Will You Surf With Longboard?

Different surfaces require different types of wheels for smooth riding. Before choosing a wheel you must understand the type of surface. Here I am showing some.

  • Rough Asphalt: The surface provides less grip than smooth asphalt. You need to choose grippy wheels.
  • Smooth Asphalt: Such surfaces provides good gripping. So, you need little gripping wheels for rough asphalt.
  • Cement: You will love to slide on these surfaces. There are 2 types of cement surfaces, smooth, rough. Smooth cement surfaces require grippy wheels. But, rough cement surfaces require less grippy wheels.
  • Brick: Stone/brick surfaces create friction. For that, you need to choose friction-free wheels.
  • Wood: Wooden surfaces provide good sliding but require grippy wheels.

Size Of Wheels

You should also learn about the different sizes of wheels. There are wheels between 64-88 mm in diameter. The most common size is 70 mm. Learn the functions of different types of wheels.

  • Large Wheels: Large wheels provide high speed but accelerate slower. They are not easily adjustable like small size wheels. They can overcome debris and cracks easily.
  • Small Wheels: Small wheels provide low speed but star faster. They are easily adjustable to different types of longboards. They can’t easily negotiate obstacles like cracks and debris.


Durometer is another important part. Most of the longboards come with the durometer measurement of 75-88a. If the durometer is lower then high grip but the speed will be slower. Higher durometer provides higher speed but lower grip.

Core Placement

Core placement has an effect on a quality ride. There are generally 3 types of core placements. Let’s learn about it.

  • Center set: These types of cores reside in the center of the wheels. They provide a better grip than others. The beginner should choose these types of wheels.
  • Side set: Side set is good for the beginners and freeride. These types of cores reside on the inner lip of the wheel. They don’t offer a good grip but it allows smooth riding.
  • Off set: These types of cores are placed between the center set and side set. Off set is the combination of side set and center set. So you will get all types of benefits of the other two types having off set core wheels.

Core Material

You can get both cheap and expensive wheels. The expensive wheels come with aluminum cores. It is good for downhill surfacing.

If you are a newbie then you can choose plastic core. It is cheaper than the others.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is a rounded surface that contacts the ground all the time. You can get it from the range of 29-70 mm. It is better to choose one between the range of 38-55 mm.

The freeride longboarders will choose a narrow contact patch. The wider contact patch is better for downhill surfacing.

Final Words

I have already shown you the most necessary factors about longboard wheels. The main thing is the surface and your longboarding level.

There are some other factors that affect speed and gripping. I have also discussed them. The size is also a big fact. Reading the functions, choose which size of wheels you want.

Finally, I am saying one thing. Try to get wheels from any renowned brand. It will be secure and the best value for your money.

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