Bizarre Photos From History

20 Bizarre Photos From History That Will Baffle Even Those Who Have Read History Books

Believe it or not, we have always been weird. Yes, we are living in a crazy world now. It is also true that people are now doing weird things just for the sake of posting in various social media platforms. But, what do these bizarre photos from history tells us?

1. A professional “rat catcher” showing off his kill. (1904)

2. Woman painting her legs to tell the world that she was wearing stockings (1942)

3. Members of the Seattle Tubing Society relax on a warm afternoon (1953)

4. A maintenance crew loads 5 megabytes of memory into a Pan am Aircraft (1956)

5. A man testing a prototype football helmet (1912)

6.  “People Scooper” for cars (1920s)

7. A brewery in England delivering kegs of beer on Spitfires to troops fighting in Normandy June 1944

8. Exercise machine designed to “roll the fat” out of legs (1936)

9. Women in “wooden bathing suits” (1929)

10. United States Border Patrol trying to drag a fugitive across the US border (1920)

11.  A monowheel electric vehicle which could go up to 25 miles per hour (1932)

12.  A German soldier firing a gun from the back of his horse (1939)

13. Portable TV Concept (1967)

14. World War I “Sound Finders” used to detect which direction enemy planes were approaching (c. 1914 – 1918)

15. An advertisement for an anti-malaria drug (1941)

16. An “icebox” facial beauty treatment (1966)

17. Actors recording an episode of the “Gang Busters” crime radio show (1934)

18. A masked Mickey Mouse Club meeting (1930s)

19. “Miss Lovely Eyes” contest held in Florida (1930)

20.  Applying UV light to babies (1927)

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