Booket Alternatives 2022: 10 Best Salon Management Software

Booket is a cloud-based Salon management software. This software is mainly designed to help businesses like beauty salons, fitness centers, spas, and tattoo studios manage their appointment bookings, payments and clients.

The system has features like the point of sale, reporting, compliance management, metrics, and service creation.

This software has a calendar that the staff members can use and schedule their appointments in accordance with the clients or the customers. They can even mention open hours to manage holiday and rush day appointment bookings.

Booket also gives managers to post the timings of work for employees for a day or a particular duration. It lets business firms use client details like their address, emails, phone numbers, etc. and create a personalized client profile, view the upcoming appointments, add the note preferences and manage the record of their previous visits.

Booket allows businesses to manage and organize their inventory, get low stock level alerts and track the usage of the item. Employees could use the app to send a text reminder to the customer 24 hours before their activity is scheduled.

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10 Best Booket Alternatives For Salon And Spa Management

1. Schedulicity

Schedulicity is the scheduling software that busy service providers and small business that work with clients need. It is an all-in-one solution that you can use for appointment booking, workshops management, digital marketing, and built-in payment processing.

You can keep control of the calendar through their color-coordinated appointment blocks, icons that show the new clients, new clients messages, and waitlisting request notifications. Also, save your client preferences in the profile notes and ask them to add a credit card to the account and fasten the checkout.

2. 10to8

Using the 10to8 appointment scheduling software, customers could book the available slots and any services that you mention. Apart from that, you can set up automated SMS and email reminders that can reduce the no-shows by almost up to 90%.

The notifications and the two-way chat feature help the clients improve their customer communication, coordinate with the clients and staff, and ensure the growth of their business.

You can be more visible online and appear professional, all the while attracting new customers and providing the existing clients with an online booking page that is easy to use.

The clients can book and manage their own appointments. However, you will get informed about the changes and gain complete control of the schedule. You could set up reminders for the staff members that make it easy to coordinate with them.

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Now set up an unlimited number of services like 1 to 1 or group bookings. Allot them to your staff members and take your bookings to as many locations as you want. You can also manage the irregular working hours and different time zones quickly.

You could also set up a 2-way live calendar sync with the external calendars like iCal, Google exchange, Office 365, Outlook, etc. This implies that you get all your schedules at one location. This means you can avoid double bookings and any other mistakes.

3. vcita

vcita is an all-in-one app that helps manage your business and interact with the customers in a better way. It has all the tools that you require to organize your day-to-day activities.

Keeping the clients at their fingertips becomes easy as you get a 360-degree view of the customer’s communications. It is created keeping the small businesses in mind, vcita can organize, manage and track the client conversations.

You can add new clients, start new conversations with a single click, review the client history and track all the appointments and payments. Plus, add notes, tags automate the follow-ups, and do much more,

4. BookSteam

Appointment-based businesses can now use Booksteam’s advanced booking platform that helps them scale up the business and tackle the difficult task of scheduling. Multiple business admins can create various locations, set up schedules for their employees, and customize the account details.

Using online payments, the clients get to pay a deposit, full payment or drop a card on the file when they make the booking. You can integrate the scheduling widget with the present website and start making your bookings today.

5. Vagaro

Vagaro is a web-based solution for fitness centers and salon owners so they can promote their services and connect with the customers using the website and mobile app.

Vagaro is a B2C platform, and here, the salons, spas, studios, etc., could create a profile, advertise the brand, promote any new events and book their appointments with the customers.

Using Vagaro, business owners can even create a customized website with all the details about the venue, staff bios, offered services, working hours, etc. The salons could display which of the booking slots are available and let the customers book their appointments at their convenience.

Vagaro also allows the users to send text and email notifications to their customers, confirming the appointments sending out alerts and reminders for the appointments already booked.

6. Rosy

A cloud-based salon and spa scheduling and management software, Rosy caters to businesses of all sizes from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

It has a scheduling feature that lets the clients book their appointments through their own website, mobile app, or Facebook page. The salon and spa owners set the openings that are available with the service providers and also allow the clients to book appointments that are convenient for them.

After the appointment is booked, the software will send automatic text and email confirmations and reminders to the clients and an alert to the staff.

In addition to scheduling and automated communications, Rosy is a business management tool that provides such features as curbside check-in, point of sale (POS), integrated credit card processing, inventory management, eCommerce, rewards & referrals, text message marketing, email marketing, and free data conversion.

Apart from scheduling and automated communications, Rosy is also a business management tool that comes with features like:

  • Curbside check-in
  • point of sale (POS)
  • integrated credit card processing
  • inventory management
  • eCommerce
  • rewards & referrals
  • text message marketing
  • email marketing
  • free data conversion.

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7. Salonized

Salonized is a salon management software that is suitable for beauty and hair salons. This software comes with features like customer management, inventory management, calendar and appointment management, etc.

Using the Salonized online booking module, the customers could book their appointments through the salon’s website, FB business page, etc. The bookings could be made and paid for through mobile devices.

Their cash register and inventory management features imply that all the transactions get automatically recorded, and the stock levels and orders can be kept track of. In case the product has run out, there is a restock reminder.

8. Fresha

Fresha (Shedul earlier) is also an online booking and scheduling solution for salons, spas, personal trainers, and other beauty and wellness businesses. This software can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime using the internet. Shedul’s online booking tool helps the clients book their appointments straightaway through the

Facebook page or business website. Fresha could also send personalized appointment messages if you want.

Accompanied with tools like calendar management, online booking through the website, FB, customer management, SMS reminders, activity dashboard, POS, sales reporting, etc., Fresha makes it simple for you to book and schedule the appointments.

The employees and management stay updated on daily tasks through the activity dashboard, which gives them a view of their upcoming appointments, new actions, notifications, etc. Fresha also works to reduce any no-shows and sends automated reminders through SMS. Each message could be customized specifically to the client.

9. FlexBooker

The FlexBooker is an online booking system that lets the service providers or event organizers to accept appointment reservations from their website. It uses a booking widget that helps in easy and quick website installation or a customizable booking page for those who do not have their own websites.

The customers can also sign up for appointments on any of the devices. Schedule management can be handled through the color-coded calendar view, which is accessible any time within their browser-based admin dashboard. You can plan any number of appointment types and times like multi-person workshops or one on one sessions. It also offers recurring bookings, packages, promo codes, all of which can be edited later on.

10. Schedulista

Schedulista is also a scheduling software that helps book, schedule, and accept online appointments. Clients could book from the website, FB page, or using a link in email or SMS. This solution is perfect for any small business that can accept the appointments like hairstylists, estheticians, therapists, personal trainers, accountants, teachers, etc.

With Schedulista software, the users could add a Schedule now button to the website and also online scheduling for the Facebook business page. The users could manage their online appointments from anywhere, any time, and any device. The software also permits custom branding for the scheduling pages like images, colors, and themes.

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