Boost Website Conversion Rates
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How To Boost Website Conversion Rates The Easy Way

Website conversion rates determine the number of visitors that were transformed to customers. The conversion rate reveals the number of site visitors that actually purchased your product or services.

Broadly defined, the website conversion rate shows the percentage of website visitors that take a desired action on your site. This action converts them from visitors to leads (or customers).

Tweaking headline and body copy, adjusting line spacing, repositioning buttons, playing with fonts and colors – all of these conventional landing page optimization recommendations will bring only small, short-term results at best.
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Remember the driving force that urges you to acquire a high number of website traffic. What is this driving force? It is the belief that if you have a higher rate of site visitors, there is a greater chance for you to have more customers.

This is the reason why you need to look into your site’s conversion rate as well.

Improving your website’s conversion rate is simple if you are geared with the right techniques. Here are some of the basic techniques you may find helpful as you take the first step of improving your conversion rate:

1. Make Your Website Accessible

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More than anything else, you must make sure that your website or online business is highly accessible. The accessibility of your website has a great effect on your overall sales.

If your site is accessible, that means your potential site visitors and customers will be able to find it easily.

If they do, your site or online business has a higher chance of being chosen instead of your competitors. Having an inaccessible site means lost sales and worst – lost in cyberspace!

2. Website Must Be Browser Friendly

If your site receives a very low rate of visitors or customers, one factor that could have done this is the browser.

Don’t assume that all online users use Internet Explorer as their browser. Consider the other online users that may be using a different browser. Design your site in such a way that it will look good and easy to navigate in any browser.

Remember that your website may be losing a good percentage of potential sales because your website only appears good in Internet Explorer and appears broken on other browsers.

3. Emphasize Your Site’s Buttons And Links

In online shopping, visitors are asked to click on a link or a button to purchase the product or take advantage of the service you offer.

These links or buttons must be highly visible; otherwise, your potential customers will definitely miss them.

Missing the links or the buttons means missing the sale right? What you need to do is emphasize them.

Make them bold if you like. Have them above the fold, make them direct and keep them visible!

4. Provide Your Site Visitors And Customers With All The Information Related To Your Products And Services

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Most of the customers would ask for further information before they continue with the purchase of your product or service. Make sure that your website has all the possible answers for all their possible concerns and queries.

Don’t make them leave your website to look for information from other websites. If this happens, you are most likely to lose them forever!

These are the basic techniques you need to know and do in order to take the first step in improving your website’s conversion rate.

These are simple and easy to implement so wait no more. Follow these simple techniques and enjoy a higher conversion rate.

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