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30 Cat Puns That Are Absolutely Historical

Beware: It is going to find punny in those types of parts. For those who really like puns, all these really are pawsitively ideal. You’re going to be feline joyful on a gloomy moment. We assert they aren’t clawful.

Okay, that is enough . In the event you adore just a tiny word drama, you have arrived at the ideal area. We now have an entire collection of this optimal/optimally punny, cat-themed jokes.

1. What Do You Call A Cat With Eight Legs That Likes To Swim?

An octo-puss.


2. Why Did The Cat Join The Red Cross?

She wanted to be a first-aid kit!


3. There Were 10 Cats In A Boat And One Jumped Out. How Many Were Left?

None, because they were all a bunch of copycats.


4. Wanna Hear A Bad Cat Joke?

Just kitten!


5. Did You Hear About The Cat Who Swallowed A Ball Of Yarn?

She gave birth to an entire litter of mittens.


6. What’s It Called When A Cat Paints Itself?

A self paw-trait.


7. What Does A Cat Call The Worst Day Of Their Life?

A cat-astrophe.


8. What Are Cat Police Officers Called?

Claw enforcement.


9. What Is A Cat’s Favorite Cereal?

Mice crispies.


10. What Does A Cat Look For In Their Humans?

A great purrsonality.


11. Why Was The Cat Sitting On The Computer?

He was keeping an eye on the mouse!


12. What Do You Get If You Cross A Cat With A Bottle Of Vinegar?

A sourpuss!


13. What’s A Cat’s Most Important Trait?

It’s purrsonality.


14. What Did The Cat Say After Gambling In Vegas?

I’m paw.


15. What Did The Alien Say To The Cat?

Take me to your litter!


16. What’s A Cat’s Favorite Vegetable?



17. What Do You Feed An Invisible Cat?

Evaporated milk.


18. What do You Call A Cat That Can’t Stop Licking Itself?



19. What Do You Get If You Cross A Cat With Father Christmas?

Santa Claws!


20. What Do You Call A Cat That’s A Beauty Influencer?


21. What Do You Call A Cat That Gets Anything It Wants?

Purrr-suasive AF.


22. What Is A Cat’s Favorite Subject In School?



23. What’s A Cat’s Favorite Day Of The Week?



24. What’s A Cat Cheerleading Squad’s Most Impressive Trick?

The purramid.


25. What Do You Call A Cat With Eight Legs?

An octo-puss.


26. What Kind Of Cats Love Bowling?

Alley cats.


27. What Happens When You Mix A Tiger With A Snowman?



28. What Time Is It When 10 Cats Chase A Rat?

Ten after one.


29. What Is The Difference Between A Comma And A Cat?

One is a pause at the end of a clause, and the other has claws at the end of its paws.


30. Why Should You Be Careful When Its Raining Cats And Dogs?

You could step in a poodle.



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