The Chatbot Revolution Will Change Everything

Over the past year, Chatbot has become very popular. Companies of all sizes are building bot, developers have made over 80K Bots for Messenger alone and this is just the beginning. By 2020, it is estimated that 80% of businesses will have a bot.

The past year has also been full of challenges. For one, Bots are a new Paradigm which means building a great bot is very difficult. That being said, focusing on Chatbot First use cases and see where the opportunities are can give developers and companies a huge advantage.

Once we have the right market opportunity, the right use case, then we must design it right! Unfortunately, most developers are making bots the same way they made apps and websites… Chatbot and conversational Ui is a completely different animal and designing a great bot can be very hard.

Things We Will Explore with our future posts:
1) Why are Bots a Revolution?
2) Why Bots and Why Now?
3) What does the Future Look like?
4) What are the Biggest Opportunities for Ai and Automation?
5) What are Bot Builders Building right now?
6) How to think about ‘Chatbo First Use Cases’ the right way.
7) Bot Design Basics

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