50 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Work And Can Get Your Crush Drooling Over You

Sometimes all you need to start a new friendship is to crack a joke and the ice is thawed. If you are in the market to impress your crush here are 50 cheesy pick-up lines which would do the work and make your crush go week.

1. I Was Wondering If You Had An Extra Heart Mine Seems To Have Been Stolen


2. Did You Swallow Magnets? Cause You’re Attractive.


3. I Don’t Know Which Is Prettier Today, The Water, The Sky Or Your Eyes.


4. Are You Sure You’re Not An Alien Because You’ve Just Abducted My Heart!


5. Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?


6. Did Your Licence Get Suspended For Driving All These Guys Crazy?


7. You’re So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line.A€‹


8. If A Thousand Painters Worked For A Thousand Years, They Could Not Create A Work Of Art As Beautiful As You.


9. If You Were A Tear Drop, I Would Never Cry For The Fear Of Losing You.


10. Was Your Father A Mechanic? Then How Did You Get Such A Finely Tuned Body?


11. Are You A Hurricane [Name]? Cause You’re Blowing Me Away.


12. Are You A Parking Ticket? ‘Cause You’ve Got Fine Written All Over You.


13. It’s Dark In Here. Wait! It’s Because All Of The Light Is Shining On You.


14. Aside From Being Sexy, What Do You Do For A Living?


15. You Dropped Something! What? (Point At The Ground) Your Standards.


16. I Must Be In A Museum, Because You Truly Are A Work Of Art.


17. I Don’t Know You, But I Think I Love You Already.


18. Do You Know CPR? Because You Are Taking My Breath Away!


19. Aside From Being Sexy, What Do You Do For A Living?


20. Feel My Shirt. Know What It’s Made Of? Boyfriend Material.


21. My Feet Are Getting Cold… Because You’ve Knocked My Socks Off.


22. I May Not Be A Genie, But I Can Make All Your Wishes Come True!


23. The Drink: $6. The Room: $100. The Night With You?: Priceless.


24. My Buddies Bet Me That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Start A Conversation With The Most Beautiful Girl In The Bar.


25. Wanna Buy Some Drinks With Their Money?


26. If You Were A Chicken, You’d Be Impeccable.


27. Did It Hurt? When You Fell From Heaven?


28. Someone Vacuum My Lap, I Think This Girl Needs A Clean Place To Sit.


29. When A Penguin Finds A Mate They Stay With Them For The Rest Of Their Life. Will You Be My Penguin?


30. I’m Easy. Are You?


31. If Nothing Lasts Forever, Will You Be My Nothing?


32. There Is Something Wrong With My Phone. Could You Call It For Me To See If It Rings?


33. Hello. Cupid Called. He Says To Tell You That He Needs My Heart Back.


34. Feel My T-Shirt, It’s Made Of Boyfriend Material.


35. My Name Is [Your Here] But You Can Call Me Tonight!


36. (She Asks You The Time) Its Two Flirty And The Date’s With You And Me.


37. If You Were A Chicken, You’d Be Impeccable.


38. Is Your Dad A Terrorist? Because You Are The Bomb.


39. My Bologna Has A First Name…


40. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk Past Again?


41. I Must Be A Snowflake, Because I’ve Fallen For You.


42. It’s Not The Size Of The Boat. It’s The Motion Of The Ocean.


43. Hello, I’m A Thief, And I’m Here To Steal Your Heart.


44. I Was Wondering If You Had An Extra Heart. Mine Was Just Stolen.


45. If I Could Rearrange The Alphabet, I Would Put ‘U’ And ‘I’ Together.


46. Did You Invent The Airplane? Because You Seem Wright For Me.


47. Was That An Earthquake Or Did You Just Rock My World?


48. Do You Like Soda? Because I’d Mount-and-do You. (Mountain Dew)


49. Vogue Just Called, They Want To Put You On The Cover.


50. My Love For You Is Like Dividing By Zero– It Cannot Be Defined.



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