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6 Top Tips On Choosing Your Website Domain Name

The domain name of your website is very important. It promotes the professionalism of any company or business and reminds visitors and customers who you are and what you stand for.

There are several aspects of your domain name you need to consider including:

1. How it is spelledKeyword Optimization 

keep it short and simple, preferably the exact name of your business. Do not use hyphens or at least no more than one. These are difficult to remember and insert, especially along with dots and slashes so the easier to remember the better.


2. Keyword Optimization

If possible, include high-ranking keywords so that search engine spiders recognise and rank higher positions within listings.

By accessing keyword analysis tools from Google and other search engine providers, you can identify the terms commonly used when people are looking for information on the internet.

In fact, typing the first words into Google provides a list of the most recent and popular terms. This gives you a starting point.


3. Use A Play On WordsOnline Review

but do not be too clever. The easier to remember the better. A good example is phones4u where letters and numbers have been used.

Again, remember to consider your business name and incorporate this, if possible, somewhere in the title. Make it too complicated and anyone attempting to type in your address may stumble across other websites and be distracted.


4. Research Possibilities

Use the facilities provided by domain registers to try various combinations and wording as some may be very expensive where others are only a couple of dollars per year.

When deciding on your name, you normally pay up front for the first two years again, dependent on how much the name costs.


5. The suffix or Extension

or the .com or The dots are very important in a website address and it ending is normally used in business.

It is also more universal and worldwide whereas using will link mainly to the United Kingdom. There are also lots of other file extensions available including .org, .au and so on. It is your website name so you choose.

Bigger companies tend to buy all of the possible extensions along with their main name to prevent anyone using their reputation to gain monetary success.


6. Unique

It is true that most of the branded domain names can be taken however, your business name will no doubt be unique and you can build a reputation around it.

By creating marketing and association with good quality information or products, your name will be remembered and easily recalled.

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