Best Christmas Songs

12 Best Christmas Songs Which Will Help To Spend Your Christmas Long

Christmas is round the corner and this is the time when you would like to repeat all day your Christmas classics. Of course, there are some old Christmas classics but you should also try to listen to some new-age songs too.

There are some latest Christmas songs as well and you would love to hear them out.

Right from Jonas brothers to Ne Yo to Alessia Cara, they all have got us brand new Christmas songs. So, get ready to hear the new Christmas songs of the year.

1. “Glittery ” – Kacey Musgraves Ft. Troye Sivan

This is one of the sweetest track of the season. This song will make you want to fall in love again and again.


2. “One I’ve Been Missing” – Little Mix

This is an unique song and it hurts you just at the right places. it is all about the loneliness and missing of special someone when with holiday everyone gets buzy.


3. “Cozy Little Christmas” – Katy Perry

This is a special and fun songs which released actually in 2018. But by 2019 it has been released in almost all the countries. This song is all about spending Christmas with your family and loved ones.


4. “Love You More At Christmas Time” – Kelly Rowland

This is one of the best classic songs of Christmas for all times. So, this one is definitely special and another of the classic Christmas songs.


5. “Like It’s Christmas” – Jonas Brothers

Not only 2019 was marked as the reunion of Jonas brothers. But the year also came up with one of the best Christmas songs of all times. Time to celebrate Christmas.


6. “Christmas In New York” – Lea Michele

She paid tribute to her first city – New York through this Christmas song. And while listening to this Christmas song you will realize that this song is all time of classic and must be heard by all the New York lovers.


7. “All I Want (For Christmas)” – Liam Payne

This is a very practical song. Here you visit that place in your heart when you are holding love for that special someone and then you also open up to the various difficulties which you faced all throughout the year.


8. “A Hand For Mrs. Claus” – Idina Menzel

here the two broadway powerhouses have come together and they are giving the required amount of respect and love for the people here.


9. “Just Ain’t Christmas” – Ne Yo

This song is for all the singles out there. Enjoy your Christmas like there is no tomorrow again.


10. “Sleigh”- Tess Clare

And if you want to get into the Christmas mood, then this song is for you. This will hit you right at the correct places for all that Christmas mood.


11. “Here (For Christmas)” – Lukas Graham

This is about those people who you have missed after passing. Lukas originally wrote this song in the honour of Lukas best friend and father whom he has lost and he loved both of them so dearly.


12. “Make It To Christmas” – Alessia Cara

This is optimistic song. Here Alessia is praying that her true love might come nearer to her even after they have grown apart.

So, Christmas songs are all about love and relationships. Christmas is the time when we need to revisit our family and all the loved ones and celebrate a gala time with everyone. This is the time when people should come close and spend a memorable time and forget about the sins of the past.

Here’s to enjoying this year’s Christmas more than anything else.

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