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20 Best UK Cities For Christmas Shopping

A study of 20 cities of the UK was conducted to find which tops the list to be the best place for Christmas shopping.

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Factors like Number of shops, how busy they are, rating of their Christmas markets and traffic and other pointers are kept in mind to choose the winner. Thankfully the results are there and have a look at best UK cities for Christmas shopping.

1. Edinburgh


The cobbled streets of Edinburgh and its unique architecture blend well with the festive season. You also get to see a huge Christmas market that is an enviable sight.


2. Glasgow


Princes Square, Buchanan Street, and a fabulous Christmas market propel this Scotland City to be number two on the list.


3. Oxford


Fewer crowds, variety of gifts available at the Christmas market and the perfect ambiance are what makes Oxford so special.


4. Newcastle


Actually, an over-friendly group along with some nice places to do your gift shopping are the strong points of Newcastle.


5. Belfast


New Ireland’s capital does not remain very busy and you may get a luxurious parking space along with all that you needed to buy.


6. Bournemouth


A visit here might force you to just go to the beach but the amazing collection of shops also is an absolute delight.


7. Southampton


You find awesome Christmas light displays and all the kind of stuff you need to buy along with very fewer crowds to bother you.


8. Manchester


Actually one of the very crowded places the only things that work here is Trafford Center and some fabulous lighting seen.


9. Brighton


The shops are located quite close but you will find intense traffic so decide wisely.


10. York


The medieval-style architecture brings out the essence of the season really aptly.


11. Nottingham


If you also wish to enjoy the countryside along with some festive shopping then maybe this is your destination.


12. Bristol


A quaint and charming city offers plenty to shop along with awesome locales.


13. Cardiff


Though it has one of the best Christmas markets, the traffic is difficult to handle and that makes this place drop down in the list.


14. Birmingham


It also has one of the largest Christmas markets but competition and traffic spoil the game.


15. Liverpool


The Christmas market is just about average and the chances of snowfall are rather slim too.


16. London


You may be informed about the shopping at Oxford Street and Camden but the traffic in season is miserable and that shuts its case.


17. Swansea


Otherwise, a beautiful city, the lack of parking options is its biggest bane. If you can opt for public transport then you may consider it.


18. Leicester

leicester shopping

Neither does it have a great Christmas market nor parking space, so can be avoided.


19. Leeds


Though it offers shopping positions but the feel of Christmas is just not there.


20. Sheffield


People staying in Yorkshire find this city a great option to visit. But if you consider the overall experience of shopping and the type of Christmas market this city loses a lot of its credibility.

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