Common Health Mistakes

9 Most Common Health Mistakes Teens Make

Teenage and early youth is the most confusing time for an individual. People in that age want to live life to the fullest and thus get carried away when it comes to making health-related choices.

Here we bring to you the 9 most common health mistakes teenagers make.

1. Missing Breakfast

Missing Breakfast

In the rush to leave for school or college they skip away the most important meal of the day. Moving on when they reach the destination the hunger pangs force them to gorge on unhealthy food items.


2. Not Sleeping Well

Not Sleeping Well

This is the common problem for most teens as many of them skip their sleep thinking that they can compensate for its lack later on. However, that is a big fallacy and lack of sleep often leads to dark circles and health issues.


3. Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Why drink water when there are other substitutes to match up? But lack of water spoils the quality of skin and kidney stones and other infections follow soon. 3-4 liters of water a day is a must every day.


4. Drinking Hard Drinks

Drinking Hard Drinks

Late nights and booze are a dangerous combination and most teens are unaware of the fact. And when it is combined with skipped meals the result is quite damaging.


5. Junk Food

Junk Food

In the company of friends, it is easy to lose track of what we are eating. It is obvious that junk food then becomes the easy way out leading to unnecessary weight gain.


6. No Exercise

No Exercise

To not exercise is something that most teens are prone to. Considering they have so much on their plate already it is easy to lose track of exercising.


7. Controlling Portions

Controlling Portions

Eating junk and that too in large amounts can be very harmful indeed. Controlling the portions is something that most teens have no clue of and the repercussions are dangerous too.


8. Ignoring The Pain

Ignoring The Pain

Ignoring your ailments and pain is also something that most teenagers are accused of doing. As a result, something else crops up which is very tough to handle later on.


9. No Regular Check-Ups

No Regular Check-ups

Not visiting the doctor even though the health is falling is another problem that most teens face. Regular check-ups are never followed and only in dire conditions, a doctor is approached for help.

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