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8 Common Mistakes In Web Design And Web Forms

Every day we are using a number of web forms. We are ordering goods, logging in to our accounts and posting the comments on the Internet.

All these things are a part of our life already, and that’s why we need to create simple and engaging web form design.

The simpler web form looks, the more effective it is! The strange and complicated web form is a good idea, but only if you want to confuse people.

The client wants to fill out a web form quickly and without any complications.

Mistakes In Web Design

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Let’s make an example. A few days ago, I was surfing the web and found a really nice T-shirt which I immediately wanted to buy online.

The problem was to fill out a web form. I spent 10 minutes to find the form and 15 minutes to fill it out using my smartphone… Well, I’m not a man of great patience, so I decided to find another website to order it from.

What I am trying to say is that you don’t even have to become a web design guru to create some neat responsive web design forms for your website. Nowadays, there are many talented web design companies pleased to offer modern web design forms.

responsive web design forms

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Creating an interactive web design with user-friendly web forms is a key for successful product design.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in creating proper web forms and how to correct them.

Web Form Examples, Tips And Rules.

web design guru

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Our team, at Direct Line Development, has a great experience in web design services, and we we know a thing or two about web form design.

Okay, let’s talk about some mistakes web designers make when creating web forms. Some of them are pretty obvious, so we should be able to figure out how to create web forms in the right way.


1. Fonts That Are Hard To Read

Fonts that are hard to read

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Of, course everyone wants their website to look outstanding with plenty of amazing fonts we have today.

But the web form isn’t a place for such demonstration. Make your fonts big enough to be readable for every device – 14 or 16 pixels are fine.


2. Signing In With Social Accounts

Social Accounts

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On one hand, it is a great feature that allows making a website registration very fast.

Just one click and you’re in! But there is one big problem – I’m not likely to leave information about my Facebook page, where my entire personal life is located. The best way out is to use email data to sign in instead.


3. Web Forms And Field Labels

Web forms and field labels

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As usual, field labels are the most important things in a web form design.

It’s important to make them stylish and well placed. I like field labels that disappear when I click on the field. But what if I forgot what field do I fill out exactly.

I need to delete data I’ve already filled out just to confirm that I did everything right. Create field labels to make it visible every time you fill out the form.


4. Arrange Fields Logically

Arrange fields logically

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Web form fields should ‘talk’ to the client. It would be very strange if someone asked your address first and your name after.

Put form questions in thematic blocks. These blocks will help your visitors understand what information they need to fill out. If you have a long form for some special services, you should separate it in thematic blocks also.


5. Need-To-Know Information

Need information

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How often do you fill in all form fields, press submit, and only then you find out that the password is invalid? I would like to know about password requirements before I realize that I spent 10 minutes to fill in all the fields for nothing.


6. Bullets

Need More Information_2

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Bullets instead of characters in a password field are very useful option if you have an office full of spies trying to steal your password from web design forum. Let people choose whether to hide their password or not.


7. Fields Duplication


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I’m sure everyone came across a web form where you need to retype your password or email address. Of course, this is designed in order to avoid mistakes, but most web forms allow to copy-paste required fields (I bet everyone does this).


8. Minimize The Need For Typing

Minimize The Need For Typing

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Everyone is making mistakes when they type. Filling the cumbersome forms on the smartphone is like a torture. Use the autocomplete option where it is possible to reduce the time of filling in the web form.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these examples are common and there are many, many more of them.

Make sure that your website has responsive web design forms and make web forms user-friendly. Ask friends to fill out your website’s form and try to understand where they have difficulties.

And one more thing, if you are not sure about creating web forms by yourself, you can always ask website design company, like Direct Line Development, to solve any web design challenge you face.

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