Common Problems Of Wireless Earbuds

8 Common Problems Of Wireless Earbuds And How To Fix Them

Wireless technology has changed the way we live. From laptops to smartphones, many of our devices are increasingly becoming more portable than ever.

This is why power banks are also getting more popular since a lot of us need to charge on-the-go. Today, earbuds such as AirPods and Galaxy Buds have freed us from the limitations of cables and wires.

Though there are many benefits to wireless earbuds, they’re still far from perfect. Users experience connectivity issues every now and then, among other problems.

So below are eight of the common problems wireless earbuds have and how you can fix them.

1. Earbuds Aren’t Working

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When your earbuds aren’t working, the first thing to check is the battery. This is one of the most common issues with Galaxy buds, which should be fully charged before use. The touch sensors should also touch the ear for the earbuds to work properly.

2. Disconnection

Getting disconnected while listening to music can be the most frustrating thing when using earbuds. This occurs when the Bluetooth connectivity drops or gets cut off.

To solve this, make sure that you’re within the range of your mobile device. Wireless earbuds may feel liberating without the audio jacks, but they should still stay paired your smartphone.


3. They Can’t Be Detected

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If your device can’t detect the wireless earbuds, there’s a chance that they’re not compatible. Check if they can be paired with your OS and smartphone from the get-go.

There’s also a possibility that you’re not performing the pairing process correctly, so it’s best to review how to connect the two gadgets together.


4. Pairing Keeps Failing

Once you’ve successfully connected the earbuds with your smartphone, you still might experience pairing problems.

You’ll get error messages, or the pairing may take a long time. What you can do is delete all of your unused Bluetooth connections to facilitate the process smoothly.

5. Poor Sound Quality

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Due to some of the problems above, users may experience poor sound quality. This occurs when the earbuds are not within range or the network services are having problems.

So simply repeat the steps above, and you can solve this issue in no time. If the sound quality remains the same, check the volume and adjust it accordingly.

When all else fails, the best thing to do is to find a better pair of wireless earbuds.


6. Charging Problems

It’s important to know the separate charging time of the two earbuds. Each one may charge at different lengths due to their internal components.

So make sure to charge both of the buds at the same time. But take note that the charging time may still vary.


7. Heating

Wireless Earbuds

Using wireless earbuds may cause them to heat up. Know that this is normal and doesn’t affect their performance and longevity. But if they end up heating for a long time, stop using them immediately.

Abusing your earbuds, especially if they’re quality isn’t great, to begin with, can lead to serious consequences.

8. Static Sounds

Bluetooth may have been around for a while, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to static noises. This happens due to some interference with the connection between your phone and earbuds.

When dealing with this problem, turn off unused Bluetooth devices within the area. Besides this, you can also attempt to decrease the range between your phone and earbuds.

Wireless earbuds are prized for the convenience and mobility they provide, but it’s also worth considering the cons and be ready for them before you buy a pair.

It’s also good to have wired headphones ready for when your wireless pair runs out of battery or isn’t ideal for your current needs.

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