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3 Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Web design must be done in such a way that site visitors will be attracted to your website and not the other way around.

Some web designs simply fail because web designers do not realize that they are already using web design factors that are rather annoying than attractive nor interesting.

Web design plays an important role in the overall success of a website. It is one of the determining factors if your site visitors are bound to stay or leave.

Web design also contributes to the conversion rate of your website. Because of these, web design must be perfect.

Web designers must avoid using the following web design elements not unless they are vital to the website:

1. Super Large Fonts


Super large fonts in web design is acceptable if your target market are people who are visually impaired. Unless they are, there is no point in using super large fonts as part of your web design.

`Web designers must understand that some site visitors will interpret large fonts as shouting. And it is not a good idea to shout at your visitors, right?


2. Super Tiny Fonts

Is your target market dwarfs? If they are, super tiny fonts will be acceptable. But the truth is they aren’t. So why use super tiny fonts? Remember that it can be frustrating and eye-straining to go over an interesting but hard to decipher text.

There is no way your information will be appreciated when no one can read it. Web designers must consider using the standard font in their web design.


3. Pop Ups

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Pop ups can be annoying to site visitors. In fact, there are many browsers that block pop-ups. The sad fact; however, is that many web designers still use pop ups.

Who would want to go over an interesting information if destructions come popping up all the time? To remedy pop-ups, web designers must place their other messages on the same browser window than on pop-ups.

Unless your website is a radio site or a music related site, background music isn’t a great option in web design. Web designers must consider their potential site visitors before thinking of loading their websites with music – especially loud music.

Although these web design elements can be quite attractive at times, overdoing them is annoying. Web designers must not fill their websites with flashing graphics, heavy music background, and disproportioned fonts. Remember keep your web design simple!

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