Top 5 Reasons Why Online Brands Should Participate In Community Events

When it comes to event marketing, conferences, trades hows and community events are typically what come to mind, right?

When a company sponsors and/or exhibits at a larger show, they are doing so with the dual goals of brand visibility and acquiring high quality sales leads. These types of events are very beneficial for a company.

Engaging with your target audienceĀ on a personal level, you can touch their lives in more ways than one. Your customer wants to have some real-life experiences with you, and that is where the event marketing comes into play.

An interesting online-to-offline shopping festival, Shop-e-fest, is bringing together a host of brands across apparel, decor, accessories, skincare, footwear and more to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. This 3-day winter carnival will also have a lot of other activities, such as beer yoga, buy Personalized Wristbands, food, live music and headphone parties.



All the businesses these days get opportunities to sponsor events and hence showcase their soft side to the society. Examples of such events could be cultural or charity events or any fundraising activity.

As a business, you might be skeptical about investing so much time and money in the event but there are reasons to supportĀ such events which helps generate goodwill for your business.

Scroll down for 5 reasons why Online Brands should sponsor or participate in community events:

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1. As a sponsor, you are most likely going to provide your support to events, charity efforts, individual development. This could be done by providing financial help or just by arranging the manpower to do so.

Community Events in delhi


2. An event provides you an opportunity to interact with your customers on a personal level. This helps you in coming closer to them and establishing a strong and profound relationship. A feat which is not so easy to achieve even through digital interactions.

Shop-E-Fest in Delhi


3. On the other hand, events also provide your brand the recognition it requires. Once a person attends your event and has a positive experience he is most likely going to share the same with others hence enhancing your customer base.

Shop-E-Fest in JLN Stadum


4. When intending to launch new products or services events are a budget-friendly method to do so. Presenting your product at an event before a live audience increases the chances of conversions. In comparison to traditional media forms, this is achieved at a lower cost.

Community Events for Online Brands

5. Another manner in which event marketing also helps is in providing you the feedback about the product or service you have launched. This provides flexibility to your business as you are able to work on your customer satisfaction strategy.

Willing To Participate In this Shop-e-Fest Event?

This is your chance to have fun and make an impact on your organization. Remember, the bottom line is to get your brand out there and get people talking about it!


Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

January 19 – 21 | 11:30AM

For Online Ticket : Click Here…

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