50 Funny Computer Jokes For All Kids

1. What does a baby computer call his father?



2. Why did Wi-Fi and the computer get married?

Because they had a connection


3. What do you call a computer superhero?

A Screen Saver


4. The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an apple but with extremely limited memory.

Just 1 byte. And then everything crashed.


5. Why did the computer cross the road?

To get a byte to eat


6. Why don’t orphans work as computer repair technicians?

Because they can’t find the motherboard


7. What did Stephen Hawking say when his computer crashed?



8. Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked if he wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.

He replied, “I still love Vista, baby”.


9. The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte.

And then everything crashed.


10. Who chases computer criminals?

A hacker-tracker


11. What do you get when you cross a dog and a computer?

A machine that has a bark worse than its byte


12. Why was the computer so angry?

Because it had a chip on its shoulder


13. Why did the computer get glasses?

To improve its websight


14. Where do computers go to dance?

The disk-o


15. Why did the computer sneeze?

It had a virus


16. Why couldn’t the dinosaur play games on the computer?

Because he ate the mouse


17. Why did the computer squeak?

Because someone stepped on its mouse


18. Why was there a bug in the computer?

Because it was looking for a byte to eat


19. What happened when the computer geeks met?

It was love at first site


20. Why did the cat sit on the computer?

To keep an eye on the mouse


21. How are elephants and computers similar?

They both have large memories


22. What type of a computer does a horse like to eat?

A Macintosh


23. Why can’t computers play tennis?

They try to surf the net


24. What did the dentist say to the computer?

This won’t hurt a byte


25. What’s a computer geek’s favorite snack?



26. Why did the spider take a laptop to the beach?

So it could surf the web


27. Where do computers keep their money?

In a data bank


28. What is an alien’s favorite place on a computer?

The space bar


29. Why are people afraid of computers?

They byte


30. What’s the best way to learn about computers?

Bit by bit


31. What is a robot’s favorite snack?

Computer chips


32. What did the computer do at lunchtime?

Had a byte


33. What did the spider do on the computer?

Made a website


34. Why doesn’t the elephant use the computer?

It was afraid of the mouse


35. How did the computer get out of the house?

He used windows.


36. Where did the software developer go?!

I don’t know, he ransomware!


37. What did the processor say when it was being overclocked?

“Stop it! It hertz so much!”


38. I started a band called 999 megabytes… we still haven’t gotten a gig


39. What’s the difference between Stephen Hawking and the computer he’s hooked up to?

The computer runs.


40. What happens when a computer thinks it knows better than a human?

Ask Boeing.


41. I think my neighbor is stalking me as she’s been googling my name on her computer.

I saw it through my telescope last night.


42. The other day my Computer crashed.

Luckily there were no injuries.


43. Yo mama so stupid, that when she heard about cookies on the internet she ate her computer


44. Why did the computer go to the doctor ?

Because it had a virus


45. Your Momma’s so fat, the recursive function calculating her mass causes a stack overflow.


46. My uncle is a computer genius!

The police even called him a pdf file!!


47. What do you call a crazy computer?



48. Some people are like a software update.

When I see them I think, “Not now.”


49. What is the biggest lie in the entire universe?

“I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.”


50. What does a shark and a computer have in common?

They both have megabites.

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